Pre-application meetings

Not every proposal will need a pre-application meeting.

We recommend that you book a pre-application meeting with us when:

  • your proposal is complex
  • your proposal does not meet zoning or overlay requirements


What is a pre-application meeting?

The pre-application process is a conversation between you (the applicant) and a planning officer. We will discuss your proposal and application, and confirm if any revisions are required before submission. 

After the pre-application meeting, you should be clear on what we expect, and the upcoming steps in the planning permit process.

What do I need to prepare for my pre-application meeting?

You must have the following information and documents ready to upload before you book your pre-application meeting.

  • Brief written description of your proposal
  • Certificate of Title from Landata
  • VicPlan Planning Property Report
  • Draft site and floor plans of your proposal with approximate measurements
  • Photographs of areas on the site that will be affected (e.g. buildings, fences or trees)
  • Photographs of areas that will be affected from the street level, including adjoining properties (if applicable)
  • Any specific questions you have about your proposal


A pre-application meeting with a planning officer gives you the opportunity to:

  • discuss your proposal
  • identify possible planning issues
  • clarify the planning permit process
  • learn about how the Surf Coast Planning Scheme will affect your proposal
  • reduce the risk of delays caused by requests for further information (RFI) after lodgement

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