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PG220135-Advertising-Advertising-Set-1A-McMahon-Avenue-Anglesea.pdf(PDF, 4MB)
PG22/0135 - Amend Section 173 Agreement AG833849P - 1A McMahon Avenue Anglesea

PG220112-Advertising-Advertising-Set-61-Cunningham-Drive-Bellbrae.pdf(PDF, 10MB)
PG22/0112 - Variation to Section 173 Agreement AC284676M - 61 Cunningham Drive Bellbrae

View the application to amend a Development Plan - Briody Drive Estate West (Location: 90-170 Grossmans Road, 95-135 and 150-170 Briody Drive; and 15-31 Illawong Drive, Torquay)

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How to View an Application on Public Notification and Make a Submission(PDF, 695KB)

Understanding the Terms of the Planning Register(PDF, 138KB)

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An application on public notification is a planning permit application that has been submitted to use but does not yet have approval.  It is on public notification for public viewing.

Objections to, or submissions in support, of the application can be made to Council for consideration.

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