Tenders and suppliers

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Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year. Every time we engage a tender, we aim to:

  • Achieve value for money for ratepayers
  • Conduct activities in a fair and ethical manner
  • Support local business

Depending on the cost of a project, we are required to use different methods of procurement, but it is usually by a public tender process or a request for quotation.

The following documents explain more about Council’s business practices:

A guide on ‘Doing business with Local Government’(PDF, 472KB)

Council's Procurement Policy

Standard Terms of Purchase(PDF, 219KB)

Current Tender Opportunities

To view open tenders, get information or apply for a tender, visit the Surf Coast Shire Council Tenderlink Portal.

All tender submissions must be lodged electronically through TenderLink. There is no cost to register. We will not accept any hard copy, emailed or faxed tender submissions, nor will we accept any late tenders.

For any technical issues with registering for Tenders you will need to  contact TenderLink directly. TenderLink Customer Support on 1800-233-533 or email support@tenderlink.com


Latest Tenders Awarded

T21-028 – Parks and Open Space Maintenance

Awarded to:          Programmed Property Services Pty Ltd - $100,776.30

Date of Award:     09/06/2021

Contract Term:     1 year

T21-005 – Tree/Plant – Supply and/or Install & Establishment Services

Awarded to:         Panel – Schedule of Rates

  • Albert Picture Pty Ltd (as Trustee for Wentworth Family Trust) trading as Maxworth Maintenance

  • Karingal St Laurence trading as genU Karingal St Laurence

  • MJ & WE Robinson-Koss trading as Otway Greening

  • Nicholas Day trading as Otways Indigenous NurseryNoble Olive Groves Pty Ltd trading as Plants Direct Australia Pty Ltd

Date of Award:     09/06/2021

Contract Term:     2 years

T21-011 – Cleaning of Council Buildings

Awarded to:         GDM Group Pty Ltd - $1,753,285.82

Date of Award:     25/05/2021

Contract Term:     2 years

T21-021 – Cleaning of Sediment Basins – Spring Valley Drive, Torquay

Awarded to:         Aquatech Civil & Plumbing Pty Ltd - $91,0000

Date of Award:     04/05/2021

Contract Term:     8 weeks

T21-018 - Guardrail Services - Design Supply & Install

Awarded to:          Panel – Schedule of Rates

  • Premier Willows Pty Ltd

  • DDC Pty Ltd

Date of Award:    02/03/2021

Contract Term:    2 years

T21-008 - Road Line Marking Services Cressy Road

Awarded to:          Southern Highway Services Pty Ltd

Date of Award:     22/01/2021

Contract Term:     3 Years

T21-009 - Road Renewal - Fischer Street, Torquay

Awarded to:          Keystone Civil Holdings Pty Ltd - $632,213.05 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     15/12/2020

Contract Term:     2 months

T21-007 - Design Services Extension of Grant Pavilion Torquay

Awarded to:          Kelly Architects Pty Ltd   - $64,000 GST Excl)

Date of Award:     26/11/2020

Contract Term:     5 months

T21-002 - Purchase of Solar Compacting Bins

Awarded to:         Smart Sensor Technologies Pty Ltd   - $255,486 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     24/11/2020

Contract Term:     3 Years

T21-001 - Construction of Car Parking  Zeally Bay Rd Torquay

Awarded to:          PatAsh & Civil (Group) Pty Ltd   - $189,503.28  (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     25/09/2020

Contract Term:     3 months

T21-004 - Bituminous Spray Sealing Services 2020-2022

Awarded to:          Boral Resources (Vic) Pty Ltd    - $693,168.50  (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     21/09/2020

Contract Term:     2 years