Tenders and suppliers

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Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors and businesses each year. Every time we engage a tender, we aim to:

  • Achieve value for money for ratepayers
  • Conduct activities in a fair and ethical manner
  • Support local business

Depending on the cost of a project, we are required to use different methods of procurement, but it is usually by a public tender process or a request for quotation.

The following documents explain more about Council’s business practices:

A guide on ‘Doing business with Local Government’(PDF, 472KB)

Council's Procurement Policy

Standard Terms of Purchase(PDF, 219KB)

Current Tender Opportunities

To view open tenders, get information or apply for a tender, visit the Surf Coast Shire Council Tenderlink Portal.

All tender submissions must be lodged electronically through TenderLink. There is no cost to register. We will not accept any hard copy, emailed or faxed tender submissions, nor will we accept any late tenders.

For any technical issues with registering for Tenders you will need to  contact TenderLink directly. TenderLink Customer Support on 1800-233-533 or email support@tenderlink.com


Latest Tenders Awarded


T20-025 Supply & Install Parking Detection Overstay Detection System

Awarded to:          Reino International Pty Ltd / trading as Duncan Solutions  - $172,865

Date of Award:     12/06/2020

Contract Term:     1 year


T20-034 Civil Works – Road Widening& Shoulders – Forest Road

Awarded to:          Bitu-Mill (Civil) Pty Ltd -$192,836.41 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     20/05/2020

Contract Term:     1 month


T20-021 Construction Netball Pavilion Stribling Reserve Lorne

Awarded to:          Bowden Corporation Pty Ltd - $844,304 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     04/05/2020

Contract Term:     5 months


T20-022 Design & Construct Football Pavilion Stribling Reserve Lorne

Awarded to:          Bowden Corporation Pty ltd - $4,159,320 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     04/05/2020

Contract Term:     7 months


T20-027 Cartage Services – Water & Quarry Products

Awarded to:          Panel Contract of Contractors – Schedule of Rates

  • Aquatech Civil & Plumbing Pty Ltd
  • D.P. & J.L. Dunoon Pty Ltd (trading as Newcomb Sand & Soil Supplies)
  • PatAsh and Civil (Group) Pty Ltd
  • RJ CM Earl Civil Mechanical Construction Pty Ltd
  • LJ Atkinson Pty Ltd (trading as All Terrain Transport)
  • RAK Davis & Sons Pty Ltd (as trustee for the RAK Davis Family Trust)

 Date of Award:     01/05/2020

Contract Term:     17 months                


T20-031 Civil Works – Road Widening – Cressy Road

Awarded to:          Bitu-Mill (Civil) Pty Ltd - $263,321.90 (GST Excl)

Date of Award:     12/03/2020

Contract Term:     2 months


T20-024 Civil Works Fischer Street Renewal Beach - Darian

Awarded to:          Patash And Civil (Group) Pty Ltd

Date of Award:     29/01/2020

Contract Term:     3 months


T20-011 Gnarwarre Rd embankment stabilisation & culvert

Awarded to:          Deja Eight Pty Ltd                 

Date of Award:     22/01/2020

Contract Term:     5  months


T20-023 Supply & Install AFL Lighting Mt Moriac Reserve

Awarded to:          Dearaugo & Lea Electrical Contractors (Vic) Pty Ltd  

Date of Award:     03/01/2020

Contract Term:     4 months


T20-017 Horseshoe Bend Rd Torquay Road Widening & Bridge

Awarded to:          Aquatech Civil & Plumbing Pty Ltd  - $791,904,40 (GST excl)

Date of Award:     06/12/2019

Contract Term:     6 months


T20-016 Shire Wide Supply & Delivery Additional MGBs, FOGO and Kitchen Caddies

Awarded to:          Trident Plastics (SA) Pty Ltd       

Date of Award:     02/12/2020

Contract Term:     6 months


T20-001 Environmental Land & Pest Management

Awarded to:     Panel Contract of Contractors

  • Envirotechniques Pty Ltd
  • Ecological Rehabilitation                      
  • Ypres Nominees Pty Ltd  t/a Allwright Ag. & Pest Contracting
  • Haas & Gray Indigenous Horticulture Pty Ltd
  • Goldfields Weed Management Pty Ltd
  • Barongarook Weed & Pest Control
  • Jarooke Enterprises Pty Ltd  t/a Assassins Weed & Vermin Control

Date of Award:     26/11/2019

Contract Term:     2 years


T20-014  Construction Surf Coast Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium

Awarded to:          A.W. Nicholson Pty Ltd t/a  Nicholson Construction -$11,902,703 (GST excl)                 

Date of Award:     22/10/2019

Contract Term:     12 months


T20-009 Bituminous Road Spray Sealing Services 2019-20

Awarded to:          Anthony T. Lindsay Pty Ltd - $237,755.09 (GST excl)

Date of Award:     09/10/2019

Contract Term:     9 months


T20-008 Anderson Roadknight Aireys Inlet - Landscaping

Awarded to:          Norris Plant Hire (Geelong) Pty Ltd (t/a Norris Construction Group)

Date of Award:     04/10/2019

Contract Term:     2 months


T19-021 Provision of Banking & Bill Payment Services

Awarded to:          Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Schedule of Rates                 

Date of Award:     25/09/2019

Contract Term:     3 years


T20-007 Turf Sports Ground Maintenance Services

Awarded to:          Panel of Contractors 

  • Turf Care and Hire Pty Ltd
  • State Wide Turf Services
  • Customized Spreading Pty Ltd
  • Hume Earthmoving Pty Ltd

 Date of Award:     24/09/2019

Contract Term:     2 years


T20-005 Design & Construct Pedestrian Bridge & Boardwalk - Barwon River Winchelsea

Awarded to:          Fleetwood Urban Pty Ltd  

Date of Award:     16/09/2019

Contract Term:     8 months


T20-006 Construction Adult Changing Places - Winchelsea

Awarded to:          Bowden Corporation Pty Ltd

Date of Award:     16/09/2019

Contract Term:     2 months


T19-030 Mt Moriac Reserve Equestrian Pavilion Redevelop

Awarded to:          MKM Constructions - $ 696,330.00 (GST excl)

Date of Award:     05/09/2019

Contract Term:     6 months


T20-008 Anderson Roadknight Masterplan Implementation

Awarded to:          Norris Plant Hire

Date of Award:     29/08/2019

Contract Term:     3 Months


T19-016 Anglesea Landfill Gas Flare Monitoring & Maintenance

Awarded to:          Run Energy Pty

Date of Award:     20/08/2019

Contract Term:     3 years


T19-037 Upgrade of South Beach Road, Torquay

Awarded to:          Negri Contractors Pty Ltd 

Date of Award:     08/08/2019

Contract Term:     3 months


T19-033 Supply & Install Council Meeting Live Streaming Equipment

Awarded to:          Interstream Pty Ltd

Date of Award:     07/08/2019

Contract Term:     3 years


T19-032 Construction Adult Change Facilities - Anglesea

Awarded to:          FNG Group Pty Ltd 

Date of Award:     11/07/2019

Contract Term:     5 months


T19-027 Road Condition Audit 2019

Awarded to:          Talis Consultants Pty Ltd - $ 99,460.90 (GST excl)

Date of Award:     03/07/2019

Contract Term:     4 months