Vehicle access to Council reserve

Requests for temporary vehicle access through a Council reserve

Temporary vehicle access through a Council reserve may be granted subject to a range of conditions, below. Please note requests for access must be lodged 10 days prior to the date for which access is requested.

Conditions of access:

Access is subject to the weather and may not be possible or may be delayed following heavy rain, on days of Total Fire Ban and days where the Fire Danger Rating is Severe or above.

  • Access is only available on weekdays. Weekend access is not permitted.
  • Gates will be relocked by 3pm each day. All vehicles must have left the reserve by this time.
  • If the applicant is engaging a contractor to carry out works, the contractor must hold Public Liability Insurance and be able to supply a copy of the Certificate of Currency

  • No materials may be dumped or stored on Council land.

  • Native vegetation must not be damaged by vehicle movement or associated works.

  • The applicant is responsible for repairing any damage to the land surface eg wheel ruts, path damage

  • Vehicles are restricted to 10km/hr ie walking pace.

If you would like to proceed with a request for access you must complete and submit an application form.