Climate Emergency

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Surf Coast Shire Council made a declaration of climate emergency at its August 2019 meeting.

The declaration recognises that climate change is a real and significant threat and that more urgent action is needed globally and locally.

Council received petitions comprising more than 1000 signatures from community members who are seeking support and leadership on climate change.

There’s an opportunity build on what council and the community is already doing. We will develop a Climate Emergency Response Plan in collaboration with the community.

Council will seek to lead by example by setting targets for energy, emissions, water, waste, land use and biodiversity.

We will keep you updated as we work through our project planning.

Email us at if you would like to know more.

April 2020 Update - Climate Emergency Response Short Term Corporate Action Plan now complete.

Part 1 of Council’s Climate Emergency Response is now complete with the finalisation of the Short Term Corporate Action Plan(PDF, 1MB) .

This document identifies initiatives from across the organisation that can be investigated now with the aim of reducing emissions, adapting to the changing climate and empowering people. The plan serves as a brief pre-cursor to the Strategic Corporate Action Plan and community planning activities that are scheduled to take place later this year. Council are currently investigating how these further Climate Emergency Response planning activities are best delivered in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.