Climate Emergency

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Surf Coast Shire Council made a declaration of climate emergency at its August 2019 meeting.

The declaration recognises that climate change is a real and significant threat and that more urgent action is needed globally and locally.

Council received petitions comprising more than 1000 signatures from community members who are seeking support and leadership on climate change.

April 2021 Update

What Council is doing

Part 1 of Council’s Climate Emergency Response is now complete with the finalisation of the Climate Emergency Response Short Term Corporate Action Plan 2020(PDF, 1MB).

This document identifies initiatives from across the organisation that can be implemented within a short timeframe and existing resources. It has three key priority areas which include; reducing emissions, adapting to the changing climate and empowering people. 

Part 2 of Council’s Climate Emergency Response is currently underway and consists of setting a ten year Climate Emergency Strategic Direction and an Action Plan which will be reviewed and updated every two years. This will set longer term strategic action and outline how the organisation will respond to the Climate Emergency.


Climate Emergency response in the community

The Community Response to the Climate Emergency involves long term, community wide leadership and involvement.

Community Climate Mobilisers

As part of Surf Coast Shire Council’s climate emergency, we are hosting a community climate mobilisers program, to work with community members to co-design the community climate emergency response.

Thanks to all those who signed up to be involved. Applications have now closed.  


Thanks to everyone who completed the climate change survey. The survey is now closed, with over 400 people responding. A final report with survey findings can be found here

Community greenhouse gas emissions profile

Council has developed a greenhouse gas emissions profile for the community identifying major emissions sources for the whole of the municipality as well as a breakdown by postcode. The profile can be found here 

Surf Coast ReimaginED

From December 2020 through to March 2021 Council is holding ‘Surf Coast ReimaginED’, an online event and workshop series. For more information click here.

For more information on Climate Emergency check out our Towards Environmental Leadership website or email us at