Request road maintenance

Find out about Road Management in the shire (includes the Road Management Plan with timelines for inspection, maintenance and repair of many local roads)

Which public roads are maintained by Council?

VicRoads Regional Roads website

Request for maintenance or repair

If you see a road that isn't up to scratch (maybe it has a pothole or the surface is in bad condition), please let us know.

Once we receive your request, you will get a Customer Request for Maintenance (CRM) number. You can also request a follow up from a Council officer if you’d like.

Reporting an incident

If you have had an incident resulting in personal injury or property damage due to the condition of a road, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible road authority.

Check to see if your incident happened on a road maintained by Council.

If you want to take official court proceedings to claim damages from an incident due to the condition of a road, you must lodge a notice with Council within 30 days of the incident (see section 115 of the Road Management Act 2004)

Incidents which have occurred on Council’s roads can be lodged in writing to or by mail to Surf Coast Shire Council, PO Box 350, Torquay 3228.

Information regarding lodging incidents which have occurred on roads owned and maintained by VicRoads can be found on their website