Winchelsea RV Friendly 48 Hour Parking Area

fully self contained vehicles overnight 48 hour stay

Council has approved an RV-friendly 48 hour stop in Winchelsea that allows overnight parking for self-contained recreational vehicles (RVs), caravans and motorhomes in Winchelsea for a maximum of 48 hours.

  • The area is located in the Barwon River Reserve on the Barwon riverbank between Mercer Street and the railway bridge. The site is accessible from the Princes Highway via Barwon Terrace (past the pool). See the map below.
  • The area is prone to flooding. Use at own risk. Exercise caution if the Barwon River is above 2.5m in height. The site will be closed if the river height exceeds 3m or if the area is too soft and unsuitable for vehicles to drive on.
  • The site is closed for overnight parking if the sign at the entrance to the reserve says 'Closed,' or a flood alert beacon at the entrance to the reserve is flashing.
  • The site is on public land and remains fully accessible to the public. Please be considerate of other users and access if you choose to stay in this area.

Read the rules of stay for the Winchelsea RV Friendly 48 Hour Stop area

Please email on your experience or call the Surf Coast Shire Council on 03 5261 0600.

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