Parking and traffic

Cars in a car park

Council controls regulated parking areas within the Surf Coast Shire and Authorised Officers regularly patrol time restricted parking areas. Penalties are incurred for overstaying the sign posted time limit in parking bays and in loading zones. Please note that penalties are regulated by State Government and cannot be amended by Council.

You can read about parking and road rules on the Vic Roads website.

Parking infringements

Pay an infringement online 

View photos and details of infringement - only infringements issued on or after 16 December 2019 can be viewed

Apply to review infringement

Paying - If you do not wish to pay your infringement online, you can make payment by phone, in person, or by mail. View our payment information page for further details. Payment should be made within 28 days of the issued date to prevent additional charges.

Viewing - Only infringements issued on or after 16 December 2019 can be viewed online. 

Reviewing - If you wish to apply to review a parking infringement, you can submit an infringement review form. Please note that an application to review an infringement can only be made once. After a determination has been finalised for your application to review, you cannot submit any further applications to your infringement.

Nominating - If you were not the driver at the time of the infringement, you can complete a Statutory Declaration for a Change of Offender form. If you do not include all of the required information, the change of offender will not be processed.

Yellow-edge Line

Under Victorian Road Rules, a solid yellow line along the edge of a roadway means the same as a No Stopping or No Parking sign. People parking along a yellow line face the prospect of being fined.

On the Surf Coast, these lines are most commonly used around street corners and tree-lined streets where signs might not be visible, or in coastal areas where signs might be visually intrusive. Illegally parked cars in these areas compromise the safety of pedestrians and fellow motorists, particularly during peak visitor periods.

Parking - sensor technology

Sensor technology to improve parking turnover in the commercial areas of Lorne, Anglesea, Jan Juc and Torquay is scheduled to be installed in late November (delayed from June due to COVID-19 restrictions). The technology will not change current parking restrictions, including existing time limits, nor change how rangers issue parking infringements.

Parking - commercial loading zones

In relation to the legal use of commercial loading zones, the State Road Rules allow three categories of vehicles to use such zones for the legal maximum timed period. These categories are:

  1. Any truck or utility built for the carrying of goods, or
  2. Any vehicle that is permanently sign-written (painted) or displays other stickers so as to clearly indicate to Council that the vehicle is being used in connection with a commercial business, or
  3. Any vehicle that has attached to it a commercial vehicle identification label.

Parking - disabled permits 

The Victorian Government is changing its disability parking permit system from 22 March, 2021. Surf Coast Shire Council will now process Accessible Parking Permit (APP) applications and renewals online.

Important things to note are:

  • Three permit types exist under the new APP scheme: 1. An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit. 2. A Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit and 3. An Organisational ADP Permit.
  • Long term permits are now 5 years. Short term permits are now 6, 12 or 24 months.
  • All current permit holders must undertake a medical assessment when they renew into the AAP Scheme.
  • Permit holders can now be assessed as having a permanent medical condition or disability and will no longer require medical assessments to renew permits.
  • There is no need to apply through the new system until your parking permit comes up for review.

Apply, renew or replace online at

Family members, GPs or occupational therapists can help people with permit applications. If no one is available to help, Council can provide assistance. People can book in an in-person consultation with a customer service representative by booking with Council.

Unauthorised parking within a disabled zone will incur a fine on the spot.

Parking - sleeping in vehicles 

Sleeping in a vehicle in any place within the Surf Coast Shire is an offence that carries a $300 on the spot fine.

Parking on Nature strips

Council Rangers are authorised to enforce parking-related offences listed in the Victorian Road Safety Rules when it comes to parking on nature strips.