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Sometimes building, works or other activities are carried out on land without the right permits.

The Planning Compliance team investigates reports of non-compliance with planning permits, the Surf Coast Planning Scheme, or planning legislation (The Planning and Environment Act).

Planning Investigation Officers often work with property owners to rectify works or activities to achieve compliance. Sometimes, more complex investigations are taken to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or the Magistrates Court for a decision. 

What types of issues are in breach?

Here are just some examples of planning compliance issues:

  • Building or works on land conducted without a planning permit (building permits are handled by the Building Team)
  • Building or works that are inconsistent with approved plans or conditions on a permit
  • Illegal use of a property
  • Illegal native vegetation removal
  • Earthworks where the Planning Scheme conditions are not satisfied
  • Use of land that requires a permit or that is prohibited in the land zone

Request an investigation

Contact us if you think building or works on a property or use of land might be breaching a permit or the planning scheme.

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What happens next?

Information for Planning Compliance Customers(PDF, 103KB)

Once we receive a request to investigate a possible breach, our officers will conduct an investigation and visit the site.

A planning investigation may take anywhere from a few days to weeks and sometimes months, depending on what has occurred and what outcome the officers are trying to achieve.

Talk to a Planning Investigator

A Planning Investigation Response Officer is available 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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