Weeds of the Surf Coast


Weeds are problem plants growing where you don’t want them to grow! They are often invasive, taking over large areas and out competing the locally indigenous plants.

Declared weeds

Some weeds are declared noxious weeds under the Catchment and Land Protection Act. Individual property owners are responsible for the control of declared weeds. To find out more about declared weeds in the Surf Coast Shire you can find the full list at Agriculture Victoria . Note that the Surf Coast Shire is part of the Corangamite Catchment when reading this list.

Council undertakes weed control on Council managed land. You can find out more about our weed control work by reading Council's:

(PDF, 910KB)Pest Plant and Animal Management Strategy(PDF, 7MB)

(PDF, 83KB)Pest Plant & Animal Management Strategy Annual Action Plan -2023-2024(PDF, 187KB)

(PDF, 2MB)Pest Plant and Animal Annual Progress Report 2022-2023(PDF, 910KB)

Council has no authority to enforce weed control on private properties. Enforcement is a state government responsibility. To discuss control and enforcement you can contact Agriculture Victoria .

For more detailed information on weed identification and control, see the A-Z weed list at Agriculture Victoria

Environmental weeds

Environmental weeds are plants that invade native vegetation affecting the regeneration and survival of indigenous plants and animals.

We often have potentially invasive weeds in our gardens which easily, given the right conditions, ‘escape’ into the bush.

To find out more about environmental weeds in your area, see the following weed booklets.

Additional information

Weeds of the Surf Coast Shire(PDF, 3MB)

Treating Weeds in Your Surf Coast Garden(PDF, 140KB)

Surf Coast Shire - Grassy Weeds Information Sheet(PDF, 349KB)

Roadside Weeds and Pests Program Control Plan 2023-2026(PDF, 1MB)

Top 20 weeds - Anglesea to Eastern View(PDF, 962KB)

Top 20 weeds - Moriac, Freshwater Creek, Winchelsea, Barrabool Hills(PDF, 939KB)

Top 20 weeds - Lorne (inc Big Hill) Deans Marsh, Bambra(PDF, 1MB)

Top 20 weeds - Jan Juc, Torquay, Bellbrae, Connewarre(PDF, 1008KB)

How can I remove them?

Please remove any environmental weeds from your garden to stop them from spreading into natural areas. There are a few different methods for removing weeds depending on the type of weed and growth stage. Visit Agriculture Victoria to learn about different ways to remove different types of weeds.

How can I dispose of weeds?

Easy: Just pop them in your fortnightly green waste bin, or take them to the tip. Here’s the list of local transfer stations that accept green waste.