Public Access to Council Information

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Surf Coast Shire Council is committed to maintaining an environment and culture of transparency and accountability. This page provides access to documents and reports prescribed under the Local Government Act 2020 and other relevant legislation and regulations. In accordance with Council's Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 148KB) Council information will be publicly available unless the information is deemed confidential by virtue of the Local Government Act 2020 or any other Act; or if the release of the information would be contrary to public interest. 

Council is currently in the process of making publicly available documents accessible online, however if you require access to a document that is not yet available, please lodge a request or contact (03) 5261 0600 for further assistance.

Election Campaign Donation Returns

In accordance with section 307 of the Local Government Act 2020, the Chief Executive Officer must ensure that following a general election a summary of each Campaign Donation Return is made available on the council's website, until the close of the roll for the next general election.

Election Campaign Donation Returns - 2020(PDF, 418KB)

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

Council is committed to transparent and ethical behaviour in relation to the giving and receiving of gifts, benefits and hospitality to and from any external party. An updated register of all disclosable gifts, benefits and hospitality received will be published quarterly. 

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register 2019-20(PDF, 61KB)

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register 2020-21(PDF, 94KB)


Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Council Meeting minutes and agendas are available here.

Key Council Documents

Council Policies

Council Policies are available here.