Feedback and requests

If you have feedback, questions or a request for maintenance, there are a few ways you can get in touch:

  • Use our online feedback form
  • Email us at (If you want us to fix something, put "Customer Request” in the subject line. Please provide a location and a description of the issue. Include as much information as possible, and attach a photograph if you can.)
  • Phone our Customer Service staff on 5261 0600.

You can give us feedback or make requests anonymously, but remember: Anonymous requests and complaints are more difficult to resolve because Council is unable to contact or provide you with outcomes.

If you give us your details when making a request, we can send you a Customer Request for Maintenance (CRM) number in case you'd like to follow up.


A complaint is dissatisfaction with the quality of an action taken, decision made, or service provided or a delay or failure in providing a service, taking an action, or making a decision.

Find out how to make an official complaint to Council