Cr Carol McGregor



About Cr McGregor

Ward: Winchelsea

First elected: 2015
Deputy Mayor
: 2016-17
: 2016

Councillor Carol McGregor has worked as a psychologist for over 20 years and has extensive experience working with young people and families. She has held senior roles in the community services sector and previous experience working closely with Boards.

Carol has a strong focus on fostering community involvement through genuine consultation and ensuring people have a say in decisions and issues that affect them. She has a particular interest in the future use and branding of the Surf Coast Hinterland and establishing the region as a quality local food hub, ensuring sustainable farming, environmental preservation and economic stability for agribusiness.

Carol has been closely involved with a number of local community groups including the CFA and Landcare as well as serving on Council’s Environment and Rural Advisory Panel, CEO Employment Matters Committee, Hinterland Community Impact Advisory Committee, and G21 Economic Development and Health and Wellbeing Pillars.

2019 Committees

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Chief Executive Officer Employment Matters Committee
  • Hearing of Submissions Committee
  • Hinterland Community Impact Advisory Committee (CIAC)
  • 25% by 2020 Renewable Energy Task Force
  • Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee (COGG)
  • G21 Education and Training Pillar