Ambulance Victoria defibrillator (AED) registration service


Do you own a defibrillator?

Over 6,000 Victorians a year suffer a cardiac arrest away from hospital. The time between someone collapsing from cardiac arrest and paramedics arriving is critical.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED), more commonly known as a Defibrillator can be used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. It is an easy-to-use, medical device that can analyse the heart's rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

When a defibrillator is used before an ambulance arrives, the chance of survival almost doubles.

Ambulance Victoria is introducing life-saving technology to help ensure that people having a cardiac arrest can receive life-saving help from a trusted responder in the critical minutes before paramedics arrive. Registered medical professionals and qualified first-aiders will receive an alert when a cardiac arrest is happening nearby – and will also be notified of their nearest AED.

Surf Coast Shire Council is encouraging all local businesses, organisations and groups that own an AED, to take a moment to register your AED with Ambulance Victoria. It could save someone’s life, by a member of the public or medical professionals accessing it in the event of any emergency.  

Surf Coast Shire Council owns and manages eight AEDs in Council worksites located at Torquay and Winchelsea. We have registered these on Ambulance Victoria AED Registry and encourage other organisations to join us.

For more information please read Ambulance Victoria’s frequently asked questions about registering an AED.