Public art and artists

tree stump sculpture

If you are a local artist who can supply and install artwork in a public place (either solo or in conjunction with a community group), we'd love to hear from you!

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Deans Marsh

Deans Marsh Stage Curtain
Artist in residence: Jan Preston
Deans Marsh Hall

  • Grant from Regional Arts Fund (Arts Victoria/Aust. Council)
  • Community worked over 8 months of 2000 to create textile curtains depicting the history of the area, local flora and fauna and rural industries of today and yesteryear

Cauldron and Mosaic footing
Artist:  Cinnamon James (2002)

Deans Marsh Community Cottage and Hall – external

  • Funded by Community Cottage and Shire Minor Grant, to be used during community house functions
  • Metal artwork – functional and beautiful Fire cauldron sitting on a community mosaicked platform


Fig Tree Community House Mural

Artist: Eliza Feeley (2000)
Mountjoy Parade

  • Mural commissioned by the Shire and Fig Tree Community House
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Mosaic


Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Mural

Artist: Peter Day (2002)
Fig Tree House, Mountjoy Parade

  • Mural commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers – Victoria
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Render and Ochres

Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet Toilet Block

Artists: Lee Powell, Lindy Lynch and Jill Heally (1998)
Great Ocean Road

  • Paint


Aireys Inlet Community Centre

Artist: Gerard McGill (1998)
Great Ocean Road

  • Metal sign – commissioned by the Shire


Anglesea Streetscape

Great Ocean Road

  • Elements of the streetscape were created by commissioned artists
  • Ceramic tiles, tessellated pattern were created by Anthony Twining
  • Seats and Bins surrounds by Peter Day (1997-1998)


Anglesea Public Toilets

Artist– Kathryn Junor, Gillian Brew and friends (1999-2003)

  • Interiors upgraded and extended facility
  • Commissioned by the Shire – overcoming vandalism and upgrading the facility
  • Celebrating life in paint
  • Ladies – Shades of Blue – Madam Loo Loo’s Boutique
  • Mens – Green – Boys own Shed
  • Disabled – Yellow – Florists


Anglesea Community House Mural

Artist: Glenn Romanis working with local schools (1998)
McMillan Street

  • a mural of the area with aboriginal significance
  • Shire and community house grant from Arts Victoria
  • Paint


Mosaic Pavers 1999

Walk through to hall from Community House

  • Shire commissioned Clare Gittings, Kyle Vinton and Kathryn Soanes to hold community workshop during the official opening of the hall extension.
  • Community worked for 3-4 hours creating mosaic – pavers personal and community group images which were laid in paving in a landscaping project the following year

Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Sculpture

Artist: Peter Day (2002)
Anglesea Civic Centre

  • Work commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers - Victoria
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Render and Ochres, ceramic pipe, ceramic bowl

Bells Beach


Bells Beach Toilet Block

Artists: Mark Trinham and Glenn Romanis (1996)

  • Project developed by Council and SANE (Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment)
  • goal to re-enhance facility and add an educational element to the area
  • nature, not just recreational surfing
  • designed to represent the flora and fauna both land and sea of the area
  • ‘Bells Bowl’ is depicted topographically
  • The Mindii and Wandi oral stories of the Wathaurong through the Mindii 3 pronged tongue snake; a rred-belliedblack snake and eel.
  • Paints


Spirit of Surfing

Artist: Glenn Romanis (2002)

  • Project developed through Council, Bells Beach Advisory Committee and SANE (Surfers
    Appreciating the Natural Environment)
  • to address the etiquette of surfing, the environment and people.
  • worked with the phrases respect the ocean, respect the land, respect each other underlined with ‘spirit of surfing’ to capture the essence the messages
  • Stone masoned phrases on large stones

Jan Juc

Bird Rock Car Park Toilet Block Mural

  • Ocean Boulevard
  • After the success of the Bells toilet, Jan Juc Coastal Action and SANE commissioned Mark to
  • work on this toilet block
  • Environmental Theme
  • Paint
  • 1997



Bell St Streetscape

  • Designed with art in mind for the future.
  • Local Primary School Children painted concrete pavers prior to the laying and insitu on the day of the streetscape opening. 1999
  • Sculpture " Stingray" seat - artist Mark Trinham installed 2000


Spring Creek Community House Mural

  • Price Street
  • Shire commissioned artists Clare Gittings and Kyla Vinton to work as community artists at the local community “High Tide” Festival.
  • The community created ceramic pieces, which were images of Torquay – activities and nature.
  • Kyla Vinton created the sign – all is collaged to create the mural
  • Ceramic and paint
  • 1999


Gilbert Street Shopping Centre Toilet Block

  • Mosaic images created at workshops at High Tide Festival
  • Artists - Clare Gittings and Kyla Vinton
  • 1996/97
  • Mosaics and Paints


‘Ceramic Compass’

  • on Foreshore end of Gilbert Street – near swings
  • Lions Club initiated project – visitors and community worked with local artists to create ceramic compass
  • 1993


Torquay Play Park

  • Foreshore
  • Designed with local artist Susie Barlow Clifton on steering committee.
  • Elements - "seaweed" posts on bridges, wooden "creature sculptures, "shipwreck".
  • Artists involved; Susan Barlow Clifton, Mark Trinham, Rohan Robinson, Antony Twining
  • 1999/2000


Torquay Sundial

  • Foreshore end of Darian Road
  • Italian Glass Mosaic images created insitu – images representing the flora, fauna, marine environments, the local aboriginal stories and star constellations.
  • Commissioned by Torquay Lions Club in partnership with Torquay Foreshore and the shire
  • Artists - Clare Gittings, Glenn Romanis, Kathryn Soanes, Mark Trinham, Anne Kalimaris and Kyla Vinton and the community dropping in.
  • 1996
  • Mosaics, ceramics and masonry


Surf Coast Shire Office Artwork "Shire of Diversity"

  • 25 Grossmans Rd
  • Commissioned work to portray "new" shire
  • Artists - Kathryn Soanes (Ceramic Wall Tiles), Susan Barlow Clifton (Pond mosaics), Kyla Vinton (Ceramic Tiles on edge of pond) and Gerard McGill (Steel Grass Trees)
  • 1995/96


Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Installation

  • Surf Coast Library, Beach Rd
  • Installation commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers - Victoria
  • Artist – Margaret Tozer
  • Designed and created with community input, hands and words about volunteering – 2002
  • Slumped Glass and paints


Mosaicked Pavers

  • Kooringal Place (behind Shire)
  • Five pavers commissioned to add a unique touch to a new street area
  • Artists - Claire Gittings, Tom Gittings, Kyla Vinton, Steve Vinton, Susan Barlow Clifton
  • 1997


"Event Information" Signs

  • Great Ocean Road - Jan Juc, Anglesea, Lorne, Torquay
  • Commissioned by shire to create a "special" and more visually acceptable functional signage.
  • Artist - Mark Trinham (design and wood sculpture - recycled SEC poles), assisted by Jeb Walker (metal work) 2000
  • Installed 2001


Carved Seating

  • Esplanade near Cosy Corner, Torquay
  • Commissioned by Foreshore Committee utilising Cypress timber from that site.
  • Artist - Freelance Timber
  • 2001


Scamell Figurehead Sculpture

  • Esplanade near Anderson St, Torquay
  • Commissioned by Surf Coast Arts and Torquay Foreshore Committee utilising Cypress timber stump from that site.
  • Artist – Mark Trinham
  • 2001


Earth Wind Fire Water Ceramic Tiles

  • Artist: Kyla Vinton
    Torquay Foreshore, Top Cosy Corner Carpark
  • Tiles created at the High Tide Festival 2001 representing the elements
  • Shire Funded
  • Clay


Artist: Mark Trinham (2002)
Geelong Rd, Torquay

  • Seating incorporated in the Torquay ‘Gateway’ Project
  • Council funded
  • timber and aluminium


Gateway signage

Design artists: JTM (2003)
Geelong Rd, Torquay

  • iconic signage created as part of the Torquay ‘Gateway’ Project
  • council and state government funded
  • metals/ resins/ fibreglass


Great Ocean Views Playground

Artist: Jane Bailey (2003)
Ocean Views Crescent, Torquay

  • images incorporated into the playground reflect the sea and fantasy
  • Council funded
  • painted mural images


Winchelsea Playpark

Artist: Veronica Phillips and community including children (2001)

  • commissioned by Council
  • designed by Thompson Birrell in consultation with locals
  • reflects the historical background of wool farming and the importance of the Barwon River
  • painted mural elements




Newling Reserve Signage

Artists: Cinnamon James, Louise Brown, Rob Phillips (2002)

  • commissioned by Council, designed by Cinnamon James
  • signage at entrance and on community building
  • metalwork, render, strawbale walls