Public art and artists

tree stump sculpture

If you are a local artist who can supply and install artwork in a public place (either solo or in conjunction with a community group), we'd love to hear from you!

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Deans Marsh

Deans Marsh Stage Curtain

Artist in residence: Jan Preston
Deans Marsh Hall

  • Grant from Regional Arts Fund (Arts Victoria/Aust. Council)
  • Community worked over 8 months of 2000 to create textile curtains depicting the history of the area, local flora and fauna and rural industries of today and yesteryear

Cauldron and Mosaic footing

Artist: Cinnamon James (2002)
Deans Marsh Community Cottage and Hall – external

  • Funded by Community Cottage and Shire Minor Grant, to be used during community house functions
  • Metal artwork – functional and beautiful Fire cauldron sitting on a community mosaicked platform


Fig Tree Community House Mural

Artist: Eliza Feeley (2000)
Fig Tree House, Mountjoy Parade

  • Mural commissioned by the Shire and Fig Tree Community House
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Mosaic


Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Mural

Artist: Peter Day (2002)
Fig Tree House, Mountjoy Parade

  • Mural commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers – Victoria
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Render and Ochres

Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet Toilet Block

Artists: Lee Powell, Lindy Lynch and Jill Heally (1998)
Great Ocean Road

  • Paint


Aireys Inlet Community Centre

Artist: Gerard McGill (1998)
Great Ocean Road

  • Metal sign – commissioned by the Shire


Anglesea Public Toilets

Artists: Kathryn Junor, Gillian Brew and friends (1999-2003)

  • Interiors upgraded and extended facility
  • Commissioned by the Shire – overcoming vandalism and upgrading the facility
  • Celebrating life in paint
  • Ladies – Shades of Blue – Madam Loo Loo’s Boutique
  • Mens – Green – Boys own Shed
  • Disabled – Yellow – Florists


Anglesea Community House Mural

Artist: Glenn Romanis working with local schools (1998)
McMillan Street

  • Mural of the area with aboriginal significance
  • Shire and community house grant from Arts Victoria
  • Paint


Mosaic Pavers 1999

Walk through to hall from Community House

  • Shire commissioned Clare Gittings, Kyle Vinton and Kathryn Soanes to hold community workshop during the official opening of the hall extension.
  • Community worked for 3-4 hours creating mosaic – pavers personal and community group images which were laid in paving in a landscaping project the following year

Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Sculpture

Artist: Peter Day (2002)
Anglesea Civic Centre

  • Work commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers - Victoria
  • Designed and created with community input
  • Paint and Render and Ochres, ceramic pipe, ceramic bowl

Bells Beach

Bells Beach Toilet Block

Artists: Mark Trinham and Glenn Romanis (1996)

  • Project developed by Council and SANE (Surfers Appreciating the Natural Environment)
  • goal to re-enhance facility and add an educational element to the area
  • nature, not just recreational surfing
  • designed to represent the flora and fauna both land and sea of the area
  • ‘Bells Bowl’ is depicted topographically
  • The Mindii and Wandi oral stories of the Wathaurong through the Mindii 3 pronged tongue snake; a red-bellied black snake and eel.
  • Paints

Spirit of Surfing

Artist: Glenn Romanis (2002)

  • Project developed through Council, Bells Beach Advisory Committee and SANE (Surfers
    Appreciating the Natural Environment)
  • to address the etiquette of surfing, the environment and people.
  • worked with the phrases respect the ocean, respect the land, respect each other underlined with ‘spirit of surfing’ to capture the essence the messages
  • Stone masoned phrases on large stones

Jan Juc

Bird Rock Car Park Toilet Block Mural

Artist: Mark Trinham (1997)
Ocean Boulevard

  • After the success of the Bells toilet, Jan Juc Coastal Action and SANE commissioned Mark to
  • work on this toilet block
  • Environmental Theme
  • Paint


Bell Street Streetscape

  • Designed with art in mind for the future.
  • Local Primary School Children painted concrete pavers prior to the laying and insitu on the day of the streetscape opening. 1999
  • Sculpture " Stingray" seat - Artist Mark Trinham installed 2000


Spring Creek Community House Mural 1999

Artists: Clare Gittings and Kyla Vinton
Price Street

  • Shire commissioned artists Clare Gittings and Kyla Vinton to work as community artists at the local community “High Tide” Festival.
  • The community created ceramic pieces, which were images of Torquay – activities and nature.
  • Kyla Vinton created the sign – all is collaged to create the mural
  • Ceramic and paint

Gilbert Street Shopping Centre Toilet Block

Artists - Clare Gittings and Kyla Vinton (1996-97)

  • Mosaic images created at workshops at High Tide Festival
  • Mosaics and Paints

‘Ceramic Compass’ 1993

Gilbert Street – Foreshore end, near swings

  • Lions Club initiated project – visitors and community worked with local artists to create ceramic compass

Torquay Play Park

Artists involved: Susan Barlow Clifton, Mark Trinham, Rohan Robinson, Antony Twining (1999-2000)

  • Designed with local artist Susie Barlow Clifton on steering committee.
  • Elements - "seaweed" posts on bridges, wooden "creature sculptures, "shipwreck".

Torquay Sundial

Artists: Clare Gittings, Glenn Romanis, Kathryn Soanes, Mark Trinham, Anne Kalimaris and Kyla Vinton and the community (1996)
Darian Road - Foreshore end

  • Italian Glass Mosaic images created insitu – images representing the flora, fauna, marine environments, the local aboriginal stories and star constellations.
  • Commissioned by Torquay Lions Club in partnership with Torquay Foreshore and the shire
  • Mosaics, ceramics and masonry

Surf Coast Shire Office Artwork "Shire of Diversity"

Artists: Kathryn Soanes, Susan Barlow Clifton, Kyla Vinton and Gerard McGill (1995-96)
25 Grossmans Rd

  • Commissioned work to portray "new" shire
  • Artists - Kathryn Soanes (Ceramic Wall Tiles), Susan Barlow Clifton (Pond mosaics), Kyla Vinton (Ceramic Tiles on edge of pond) and Gerard McGill (Steel Grass Trees)


Many Hands Year of the Volunteers Celebration Installation

Artist – Margaret Tozer
Surf Coast Library, Beach Rd

  • Installation commissioned by the Shire
  • Grant from International Year of the Volunteers - Victoria
  • Designed and created with community input, hands and words about volunteering – 2002
  • Slumped Glass and paints

Mosaicked Pavers

Artists: Claire Gittings, Tom Gittings, Kyla Vinton, Steve Vinton, Susan Barlow Clifton (1997)
Kooringal Place (behind Shire)

  • Five pavers commissioned to add a unique touch to a new street area


"Event Information" Signs

Artists: Mark Trinham (design and wood sculpture - recycled SEC poles), assisted by Jeb Walker (metal work)

  • Great Ocean Road - Jan Juc, Anglesea, Lorne, Torquay
  • Commissioned by shire to create a "special" and more visually acceptable functional signage.
  • Installed 2001

Carved Seating

Artist: Freelance Timber
Esplanade near Cosy Corner, Torquay

  • Commissioned by Foreshore Committee utilising Cypress timber from that site.
  • 2001

Scamell Figurehead Sculpture

Artist: Mark Trinham
Esplanade near Anderson St, Torquay

  • Commissioned by Surf Coast Arts and Torquay Foreshore Committee utilising Cypress timber stump from that site.
  • 2001

Earth Wind Fire Water Ceramic Tiles

Artist: Kyla Vinton
Torquay Foreshore, Top Cosy Corner Carpark

  • Tiles created at the High Tide Festival 2001 representing the elements
  • Shire Funded
  • Clay


Artist: Mark Trinham (2002)
Geelong Rd, Torquay

  • Seating incorporated in the Torquay ‘Gateway’ Project
  • Council funded
  • timber and aluminium


Gateway signage

Design artists: JTM (2003)
Geelong Rd, Torquay

  • iconic signage created as part of the Torquay ‘Gateway’ Project
  • council and state government funded
  • metals/ resins/ fibreglass


Great Ocean Views Playground

Artist: Jane Bailey (2003)
Ocean Views Crescent, Torquay

  • images incorporated into the playground reflect the sea and fantasy
  • Council funded
  • painted mural images


Winchelsea Playpark

Artist: Veronica Phillips and community including children (2001)

  • commissioned by Council
  • designed by Thompson Birrell in consultation with locals
  • reflects the historical background of wool farming and the importance of the Barwon River
  • painted mural elements



Newling Reserve Signage

Artists: Cinnamon James, Louise Brown, Rob Phillips (2002)

  • commissioned by Council, designed by Cinnamon James
  • signage at entrance and on community building
  • metalwork, render, strawbale walls