Positive Ageing Advisory Committee

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The Positive Ageing Advisory Committee was established in October 2018.  The Committee consists of eleven community representatives (endorsed every 3 years), a nominated Councillor and relevant Council officers.  The community representatives provides advice to Council on strategies, plans and policies which relate to older people ageing well in the community.

The Positive Ageing Advisory Committee will collect and consider evidence, ideas and community input about how Council can best create an Age-Friendly Surf Coast where older people are valued, supported and empowered to live well, including but not limited to these topics:

  • Social inclusion, social and civic participation

  • Built environment, transport and housing

  • Community support and health services

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Guiding Principles

Client's Perspective

These Guiding Principles are the lens we use, from a client’s perspective, in order to inform future decision making

  1. I am well informed about aged care options and I understand the information because it is clear, up to date and makes sense
  2. I have opportunities to discuss and clarify the changes and the new system 
  3. I have time to understand any changes to my service that may occur 
  4. I can ring the Council and they will help me work out what’s available for me, how to get it and costs involved 
  5. I know Council will work hard to ensure the services I receive are of a high standard, meet quality guidelines, are monitored well and always work towards continuity of care
  6. I can find my way through the service system easily either on my own or with assistance
  7. I can choose my preferred service provider or if I’m unable to choose I can get help to make the best choice
  8. Services and supports are flexible and will meet my needs

Service Provider Perspective

These Guiding Principles are the lens we use, as a service provider, in order to inform future decision making. Council will:

  1. Only make significant changes to existing services through a formal resolution
  2. Ensure its services meet quality standards and are efficient and viable
  3. Support staff through changes associated with the age care reforms
  4. Ensure its actions do not inhibit the creation of a competitive market
  5. Prepare for an open and competitive aged care market by moving toward competitive neutrality
  6. Ensure that the community is not left without access to services currently provided by Council
  7. Treat reductions in Council’s cost of services as a contribution towards the business improvement program savings target

Terms of Reference

The Committee's Terms of Reference(PDF, 113KB) have been adopted by Council.

Regular updates from the Committee will be included here on this page, to help keep the community informed of their work.

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