Multiples playgroup is twice as nice

Published on 02 September 2019


A playgroup for twins is providing parents with invaluable support as they navigate life with “double the chaos and double the love”.

The twin playgroup meets weekly at Kurrambee Myaring Community Centre in Torquay, welcoming up to 10 families. Set-up by Surf Coast Shire Council’s Maternal Child Health team, the group started with a trial period. The parents enjoyed it so much, they decided to continue it themselves.

“It’s the same as mothers’ group, but everyone’s got two,” said mum Jess Matic, who has nine-month-old girls Frankie and Evie.

“It’s a different connection with twin mums. Everyone here understands what it’s like to have two. It’s double the chaos and double the love.”

The parents say the playgroup has been an incredible source of moral support. While the twins play, the parents catch-up, covering topics such as sleeping, feeding and everyday life.

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