North Torquay Traffic

Horseshoe Bend Road and Quay Blvd.jpg

The northern area of Torquay has seen a lot of growth in recent years which includes an increase in families, schools, businesses, day care centres and sports facilities.

Road safety and traffic improvement works are being done in the area in response to the Torquay north traffic study(PDF, 10MB) - which was undertaken to understand how to plan for long term traffic growth in northern Torquay - as well as crash data analysis and community feedback.

The following projects have been funded by a combination of funds from the Australian Government, the TAC and Council. They are aimed at improving road safety and traffic flow, making it safer for walkers, cyclists and drivers and encouraging more journeys via active transport.

Completed road safety works:

  • New raised pedestrian crossings on Merrijig Drive, Quay Boulevard and Pacific Drive (where these streets intersect with Horseshoe Bend Road) including solar lighting.
  • Road safety platforms to help slow traffic approaching the South Beach Road and Horseshoe Bend Road roundabout.
  • Improved bike lane markings (with anti-skid green treatments) at key intersections.
  • Installation of road safety platforms to slow traffic and improve safety near the pirate playground in the Quay estate.

Upcoming or in-progress works:

  • Resurfacing Horseshoe Bend Road between South Beach Road and Quay Blvd (September).
  • Rosser Boulevard, Surf Coast Highway and Coombes Road intersection and installation of traffic lights (underway).
  • Planning for a future safe cycling connection between central and north Torquay (planning underway).
  • Safety upgrades to roundabouts along Fischer Street.
  • Raised pedestrian crossings to support pedestrian access along Fischer Street.
  • Develop and implement further safety upgrades with $140,000 Council-allocated funding in the 23/24 budget.