Recycling other waste

Looking for something specific?

Check out SCRRApp, the Surf Coast Rubbish and Recycling App for all the specific items you are curious about recycling.

Find out about hard waste and green waste vouchers here.

The items below must not be placed in any of your kerbside bins, but we have some suggestions about where to take them for recycling.

The Geelong Resource Recovery Centre and Transfer Station on Douro Street in North Geelong accepts a wider range of items if you can't find what you're looking for on this page.

You can drop these household items at a transfer station at no cost:

  • Household batteries *
  • Car and marine batteries *
  • E-waste (electronic waste) including televisions and IT equipment *
  • Mobile phones (or take to a Mobile Muster drop off point)
  • Metal items including white goods (e.g. fridges, microwaves) *
  • Large plastic containers, toys, etc. - Anglesea transfer station only
  • Light globes and tubes *
  • Cardboard, up to .5m3
  • Polystyrene (Anglesea and Lorne transfer stations only), up to .5m3

* Limits apply

Automotive oil drop off service has paused while we build a new collection point at Anglesea Transfer Station.

You can drop these items at a transfer station for a fee:

  • Waste from construction or building demolitions
  • Hard waste from industrial sites or business premises
  • Fibreglass insulation
  • Large stumps and tree trunks
  • Timber
  • Car and truck tyres

For a full list of what is accepted and pricing, please see What's accepted at transfer stations.

You may NOT take these items to the transfer stations:

  • Paint – take to Geelong Resource Recovery Centre
  • Poisons – only collected through the Detox Your Home program
  • Chemicals – only collected through the Detox Your Home program
  • Gas bottles – take to Geelong Resource Recovery Centre
  • Fire extinguishers – only collected through the Detox your Home program

Anglesea Community Resale Centre

Secondhand furniture and other items that are too good to send to landfill can be purchased from the Community Resale Centre.

Anglesea Community resale Centre information

Other recycling programs

The following items are accepted for recycling through special programs. Do not put these items in your kerbside recycling bin. If you cannot access these programs, place these items in your landfill bin unless otherwise noted.

Soft plastics

Soft plastics are those wrappers or bags that you can easily scrunch in your hand. Following the closure of the REDCycle program in 2022, you can no longer drop these off for recycling at your local supermarket. ALL soft plastics should now be placed in your red-lidded landfill bin. 

Do not put soft plastics into your kerbside recycling or organics bin, only your landfill bin!

Council is is planning to review alternative soft plastics recycling options for residents as part of the process of developing a Circular Economy Action Plan, over the next 6-12 months.


Household batteries

Drop them off at one of our transfer stations, or into a battery collection cylinder at a local retailer. For example, Rotary looks after battery collections in Torquay at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and the Telstra store. Aldi, Officeworks and electronics stores often provide battery collections too.

Do not place batteries into any kerbside bin.


A range of dental products, packaging from beauty products, stationary, coffee capsules and other items can be recycled through Terracycle. Find out what is accepted, where you can drop off these items in Surf Coast Shire, and even how to start your own collection at

Detox Your Home

The Detox Your Home program is a safe, free service to dispose of toxic, unwanted household chemicals such as pesticides, cleaners, solvents, fertiliser, antifreeze and more.

The drop-off events are open to all Victorians, so you don't have to attend the event in your municipality if another time and location suits you better.

Detox your Home drop-off will be held in our region in late 2024.

For more information, visit the Detox Your Home website or call 1300 363 744.

Do not place any unwanted toxic chemicals in your kerbside bins.

To find out how to safely store chemicals at home, visit Sustainability Victoria.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Recycle those bread tags and the money goes towards buying wheelchairs for people in South Africa.

Find out more about Bread Tags for Wheelchairs