Disposal sites


Mulch is now available from our Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea Transfer Stations.

Council operates waste transfer stations in Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea, as well as a landfill and re-sale centre in Anglesea.

All waste disposal sites are closed on Christmas Day, but are open on other public holidays that fall on normal opening days.

What's accepted at each site and costs

Household quantities of some items can be dropped off at transfer stations for free, including:

  • e-waste
  • paper and cardboard
  • glass (bottles & jars only)
  • plastics 1, 2 and 5
  • polystyrene (Anglesea & Lorne only)
  • and more

Find out more including quantity limits and costs on the What's accepted at disposal sites page.

Hours, locations and contact info

Anglesea Transfer Station

50 Coalmine Road, Anglesea
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Phone: 5263 2978
Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am to 4pm

Torquay Residential Waste Drop-Off Site
Hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm daily (excluding Christmas Day)

Lorne Transfer Station

370 Erskine Falls Road, Lorne
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Phone: 0400 689 496
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9am to 12pm
Sunday 2pm to 5pm

Winchelsea Transfer Station

55 Cressy Road, Winchelsea
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Phone: 0400 689 496 (Saturday and Sunday) | 0459 607 020 (Tuesday and Thursday)
Hours: Tuesday,Thursday 2pm to 4pm
Saturday 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm

Holiday home owners/part time residents

Holiday home owners/part time residents can drop off the following for free at an after-hours collection point if you are leaving the shire when the transfer stations are closed:

  • recyclables (keep loose - not in plastic bags - or they won't get recycled)
  • small amounts of general household waste

Please do not place the following items at the after-hours collection points:

  • green waste
  • furniture
  • white goods
  • e-waste

When the transfer stations are open, please use the general public drop-off point at the transfer stations.

When the transfer stations are closed you can drop off at the following after-hours collection points:

  • Torquay – Open 9am - 4pm daily (excluding Christmas Day) and will be supervised during these times - 130 Messmate Road, please follow the signs to drop-off facility adjacent to the Surf Coast Shire Torquay works depot. Do not deposit waste at any other location within 130 Messmate Road.
  • Anglesea – outside Anglesea Landfill and Transfer Station at 50 Coalmine Road - old entrance, 100m west of the new entrance (see where that is on this map)(JPG, 388KB)
  • Lorne - outside the Lorne Transfer Station at 370 Erskine Falls Road.

Commercial operators

Anglesea Landfill - 50 Coalmine Road, Anglesea - (03) 5263 2978
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm
Open on the following Saturdays only:

  • Easter Saturday
  • Saturday before or after ANZAC day if the holiday falls on a Friday or Monday,
  • Melbourne Cup weekend
  • Saturdays during summer school holidays (as determined by the Victorian Department of Education www.education.vic.gov.au).


Hard waste and green waste vouchers

Council provides all ratepayers with vouchers that allow you to drop off one load of hard waste and one load of green waste at our transfer stations whenever it works best for you.

The loads can be up to one cubic metre.

Subject to availability, you can also get up to one cubic metre of mulch from the transfer station.

Sharps disposals

Needles and syringes can be deposited at Barwon Health on Geelong Rd Torquay, and at the McMillan St, Anglesea centre.

Visit the Victoria Health Hub Needle and Syringe Program page for a list and map of locations around the state.

If you're looking to get a sharps container, contact your local pharmacy or a diabetic educator.

Special notice for the fire danger period

During the declared fire danger period, disposal sites and waste service may be affected. For more information, please see kerbside bins FAQs.