Waste and Council's Local Law

Bin - fallen over (002).jpg

Bins left on the kerbside are easy targets for hungry cockatoos.

They can also be knocked over (by high winds, dogs and people) spilling litter onto streets.

Empty bins on the kerbside can also advertise that the house is not occupied and invite unwelcome interest.

Under Council’s Community Amenity Local Law 2021 (Part 7 Waste Management)(PDF, 4MB):

  • Bins should not be placed on the kerbside more than 24 hours before the scheduled collection day. 
  • Empty bins should be taken back inside the property within 48 hours after the collection.

Presenting and retrieving bins from the kerbside within these timeframes helps reduce litter in our streets, and ensures bins don’t become obstacles for vehicles and pedestrians.

Find out more about Council's Community Amenity Local Law


What if bins are not put out/in within these timeframes?

When bins are found on the kerbside outside these timeframes, Council will take the following steps:

  • First Offence

    Write to the property owner advising of the required timeframes, and provide suggestions for managing their bins.

  • Second Offence

    Issue a Notice of Comply to the property owner requiring them to rectify the issue within a set timeframe.

  • Third Offence
    Issue the property owner with a penalty notice of $350.

Council officers will complete follow-up visits to any address where letters for first offences or Notice to Comply are issued.

What if you are not around on bin night?

If you’re not around on bin night, consider the following options:

  • Ask a neighbour or friend to put out and retrieve your bins
  • Engage a property manager or other business to put out and retrieve your bins.
  • Take your waste to Council’s transfer stations in Anglesea, Lorne or Winchelsea
  • Drop off small amounts of household rubbish, food waste, recycling and glass in the after-hours bins outside Anglesea and Lorne transfer stations
  • Drop off small amounts of household rubbish, food waste, recycling and glass at the Torquay waste drop-off (open 9am–4pm daily)

What if the property is a holiday rental?

The property owner is responsible for ensuring bins are presented and retrieved from the kerbside within the stated timeframes, even if it is a holiday rental.

You can help your guests use the four-bin system correctly, including when to put bins out (and which bin goes out) by using the education resources in Council’s holiday rentals kit.

You can print information flyers, and order free bin stickers, a fridge magnet and tent caddy.