Meetings and minutes

Governance Rules 2020(PDF, 2MB)

Local Law No. 2  - Common Seal and Miscellaneous Penalties(PDF, 2MB)

Virtual council meetings

On 23 April 2020, the Victorian Parliament passed emergency COVID-19 legislation (COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020) enabling ‘virtual’ council meetings to be held between 1 May 2020 and 2 November 2020. This has since been extended to 26 April 2021 by the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 which was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 14 October 2020.

The first meeting of Council under the new provisions was held on Tuesday 26 May 2020.

The public are encouraged to watch virtual meetings through live streaming which is available on Council’s website. A recording of the live stream will be made available on Council’s website following the meeting.

Council continues to accept public questions submitted in accordance with its Governance Rules(PDF, 2MB).  Due to COVID-19 and the meeting being held virtually, public questions will be read out by the Chief Executive Officer. Refer to public question time below for more information about submitting a question.

Upcoming Council Meetings

Council advises that here will be a Special Council Meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 1 December 2020, to be held virtually via Zoom.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear submissions relating to Planning Permit 20/283: Construction of a Three Storey Residential Apartment Building and Native Vegetation Removal - 86-92 The Esplanade Torquay. 

The agenda will be made available on Council’s website prior to the meeting. Live streaming will be accessible on the website at the time of the meeting and the recording will be posted after the meeting.

The public is welcome to view this meeting via live streaming.

Agendas and minutes for Council meetings

Live Streaming

2020 Meeting Dates

21 January 2020
25 February 2020
24 March 2020 - cancelled
28 April 2020 (Special Council Meeting)
26 May 2020
16 June 2020 (Special Council Meeting)
23 June 2020
28 July 2020
25 August 2020 
7 September 2020 (Special Council Meeting)
15 September 2020
18 November 2020 (Special Council Meeting)
24 November 2020
1 December 2020 (Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions)
8 December 2020

The agenda for the meeting will be available online by the close of business on the Friday before the meeting. The minutes and recording will be online as soon as possible after the meeting, usually the following week.

Public Question Time

If you have a question you would like to ask at a meeting of Council, it must be received by 10am on the day of the meeting.

To submit a question, please complete an online form (you will receive a copy of your completed form via email)

    Please note that questions relating to agenda items will be addressed first. Multiple questions relating to the same agenda item will be grouped and responded to together and repetitive questions will refer to previous answers. Questions that are unrelated to items on the meeting agenda will be answered at the discretion of the Chair and are subject to availability of time. If not answered at the meeting, a written answer will be provided within 5 days.

    For more information about participating in public question time please read: 

    Participation in public question time at virtual council meetings(PDF, 43KB)

    Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions

    Council’s Hearing of Submissions Committee was established under section 86 of the Local Government Act 1989. On 20 September 2020, this section was revoked, and the Committee ceased to exist. Submissions on relevant matters will now be heard by Council at a Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions, as established by Council’s Governance Rules. For more information about speaking at a Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions, please read: Guidelines - Special Council Meeting for Hearing Submissions(PDF, 121KB).


    Hearing of Submissions Committee

    Councillor Briefings