Election Campaign Donation Returns

In accordance with Section 307 of the Local Government Act 2020, the following is a summary of the Election Campaign Donation Returns lodged by all candidates for the 2020 Council Election.

Candidate Name


Campaign Donation Return Received?

Gifts Received (incl. donor and value) 

Anglesea Ward



Mike Bodsworth Yes   No disclosable gift
Raylene Fordham  Yes   No disclosable gift
Tony Revell  Yes 

Emily Revell (State of Reverie Studio) - $300

Libby Stapleton  Yes  No disclosable gift 
Liz Wood  Yes 

Perry Gaylard - $900

Nan McNab - $650

Margaret Lacey - $500

Lorne Ward



Gary Allen


No disclosable gift

Torquay Ward



Paul Barker Yes  No disclosable gift 
David Bell Yes No disclosable gift
Rob Bullen  Yes No disclosable gift
Maurice Cole   Yes No disclosable gift 
Martin Duke   Yes No disclosable gift 
Kate Gazzard   Yes

Carol Head - $511

Graeme Stockton - $500

Australian Greens Victoria - $4,799.07

Australian Greens Victoria - Surf Coast Branch - $519.67

Rose Hodge   Yes No disclosable gift 
Liz Pattison   Yes No disclosable gift 
Amber Potter   Yes

Go Fund Me - $650.26 

Monica Winston   Yes  

Andrew Morris - $95.95

Andrew Norton - $18.95

Anonymous - $95.95

Anonymous - $85.95

Elise Wilkinson - $490.65

Sal Fisher - $95.95

Anonymous - $9.32

Winchelsea Ward



James McIntyre  Yes  No disclosable gift
Kirsty Metcalf Yes  No disclosable gift 
Tony Phelps  Yes 

Winch Websites - $572 

Adrian Schonfelder  Yes  No disclosable gift 
Heather Wellington  Yes  No disclosable gift