Council and community to deliver offset planting project in Buckley

Published on 03 March 2023

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Surf Coast Shire Council will soon commence planting out an 11-hectare site next to Lake Modewarre in Buckley as part of an environmental planting and carbon offsetting project.

The Council-owned land at 185 Walton Road will be used to enhance biodiversity and sequester carbon locally, with the site to be retained and protected for a minimum of 50 years to ensure its success.

Council will lead the establishment of the carbon offset site, and manage the planting in collaboration with interested community and school groups.

“These Council and community partnerships are the best kind of projects as there’s always a great sense of community pride and ownership,” Surf Coast Shire Cr Kate Gazzard said.

“We have some really passionate and active local community and school groups who are eager to be part of planting projects so we want to work closely with them.”

While the site won’t be verified and certified under global standard, the planting project will still provide important carbon sequestration, biodiversity and community benefits.

Cr Gazzard said Council was proud to be a carbon neutral accredited organisation with a strong, clear commitment to climate action.

“Addressing the climate emergency and reducing our impact on our precious environment remains a top priority. We’re focused on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions wherever we can,” Cr Gazzard said. 

“Carbon offset projects like this help us to sequester carbon locally, improve habitat for local wildlife, provide seed collection for other plantings and help to build community understanding of local offset options.”

“Lake Modewarre has strong environmental and culture values and this project will also support partnerships with Wadawurrung Traditional Owners.” 

Council has allocated $10,000 towards plants and associated planting costs, and will seek grant funding to complete this work. The planting is expected to begin in autumn this year.

Learnings from this project are being fed into a broader initiative underway through the Barwon South West Climate Alliance, to establish a robust local carbon offset planting program.

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