Feedback invited on proposed updates to Community Amenity Local Law

Published on 24 May 2023


Surf Coast Shire Council’s Community Amenity Local Law is being reviewed and residents are invited to provide feedback on some proposed updates.

The proposed updates include:

  • Allowing people over six years of age to enter a Council facility intended for use by persons of the opposite gender, improving accessibility for families and carers. This measure will also improve access and inclusion for gender-diverse community members.
  • Aligning the definition of ‘smoke’ with the Tobacco Act, which includes e-cigarettes and vapes.
  • Extending provisions for camping and temporary accommodation and keeping of animals to support people displaced by family violence.
  • Including Council’s Nature Strip Guidelines as an incorporated document to facilitate enforcement of these guidelines.

Mayor Liz Pattison said the proposed updates help the Local Law meet legislative requirements at the same time as promoting inclusion and providing support for members of the community.

“The proposed update to allow people who identify as non-binary or gender diverse to use facilities that are appropriate for them, is part of Council’s Gender and Equity Impact Assessment work, and can help foster more inclusive facilities,” she said. “This change would allow a mother to take her seven-year-old son in to the female toilets with her or a father to take his daughter with him.

“While we wouldn’t expect to see major changes to the way the majority of people use our public toilets, if people do have any concerns about the proposed update, I encourage them to provide feedback.”

Mayor Pattison said the overall review aimed to ensure the Local Law remained timely and relevant.

“The proposed changes that support people displaced by family violence are important as Council continues to look for ways to support some of our most vulnerable community members,” she said.

“We resolved on a targeted review of the Community Amenity Local Law to make sure that it is up to date and effective.”

The proposed changes to the Community Amenity Local Law will be available in full and feedback will be welcomed via Feedback is open between 26 May and 24 June.

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