Kinder enrolments to open 11 April

Published on 05 April 2022

Kinder enrollments

For Polly Arnold, taking part in three-year-old kindergarten was a building block for an incredible confidence boost.

After seeing her daughter thrive in three-year-old kinder at Kurrambee Myaring Kindergarten (KMK), Torquay resident Jess Arnold encouraged local families to consider the program.

Enrolments for Surf Coast Shire Council-run kindergartens for 2023 open Monday 11 April, with families able to apply for funded three-year-old and four-year-old kinder programs.

“Three-year-old kinder is five hours a week so if you are able to do it, I wouldn’t think twice about it,” Ms Arnold said. “When Polly first started, she was very, very shy. She loved going but she wouldn’t talk, despite being a chatterbox at home. Towards the end of last year, with the support of wonderful teachers, she came out of her shell.”

Surf Coast Shire Council runs Anglesea Kindergarten, Helen M Kininmonth Kindergarten Winchelsea, Jan Juc Pre-School, Kurrambee Myaring Kindergarten in Torquay, Lorne Kindergarten and Torquay Kindergarten.

Polly has started four-year-old kinder at KMK this year, attending two days a week and her confidence has continued to grow.

“I think starting bush kinder the past couple of weeks has been great for her,” Ms Arnold said. “Learning routine is also great, and doing things for herself like packing her bag. It all helps build readiness for school. She’s also made friends through kinder who she will start school with.”

Polly’s younger brother Ruben is in three-year-old kinder at the centre.

Surf Coast Shire Council Mayor Libby Stapleton said children can access one year of Victorian Government-funded three-year-old kindergarten.

“There are so many benefits to completing two years of kinder, including better cognitive and social skills when starting school and more developed social and emotional outcomes when they’re older,” the Mayor said.

“We’re fortunate on the Surf Coast to have so many fabulous kinder programs available. I encourage families to make the most of them, whether that’s three-year-old, four-year-old, or both.”

Enrolments for Council-run kindergartens open Monday 11 April. For more information and to apply, visit

Families are encouraged to apply before Friday 10 June 2022, when first-round enrolments close. The application form will remain open for second and third round offers.

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