Moriac Septic and Stormwater Study

Published on 13 September 2019


Council is currently reviewing septic tanks and stormwater systems in Moriac. We want to understand how the systems operate, and whether any pose a risk to the environment or to public health.

We are aware there have been effluent leaks in the past so we are hoping to get an overall picture of the situation.

We’ll decide on future steps once the study results are known.

The Moriac Septic and Stormwater Study will include some inspections on private properties. We will also work with the Environment Protection Authority to test water at stormwater drains and pits and nearby waterways, including Thompsons Creek and Ravens Creek.

Property inspections

Council officers will be requesting to undertake site inspections during October 2019. Council officers will contact property owners and occupiers directly if we need to request access to private property.

Please refer to the information below contact us on (03) 5261 0600 or

More information

All properties in Moriac rely on septic systems. The systems vary according to when they were installed with some dating from the 1950s. There have been examples in the town of effluent leaks into the street and into the stormwater system.

To operate a septic tank system you must have a permit from Council. All septic tank systems must be capable of treating wastewater in your own yard. All existing permit conditions will remain valid.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that they continue to comply with permit conditions over the period of time they use a septic tank.

Failing septic tanks can cause environmental, public health and amenity risks. It’s essential these risks are managed appropriately to protect the environment and human health.

What if Council finds something wrong with my septic tank?

Council will provide advice to assist you to improve the operation of your system. If there is an immediate risk to public health e.g. off-site discharge of sewage where people could come into contact with, Council may ask you to fix the system within some reasonable time frames.

How does my septic tank system work?

A septic tank system treats all of the wastewater generated from your dwelling and disposes or re-uses the treated wastewater onsite, with the intention to do so within your property.

What type of septic tank system do I have?

There are a number of different types of septic tank systems which have been installed in Moriac from the traditional septic tank and effluent disposal field, septic tank and sand filter to the mechanical treatment plants. We will help identify the type of system installed on your property during the inspections.

Why is it important to look after my septic tank system?

Septic tank systems require regular maintenance to work properly. Failing septic tanks can cause environmental, public health and amenity risks. If you don’t manage your septic tank system well it can cost you a lot of money to replace or repair.

How can I look after my septic tank system?

Be careful what goes down the sink and toilet and get your septic tank de-sludged every 3 years or treatment plant serviced quarterly. Council will provide you further information as part of the study.

What if I don’t want my property inspected?

Please contact us on 5261 0600 if you have any concerns about Council inspecting your property.

What if I rent my property out?

Council officers will contact you directly in the first instance, as the property owner. With your permission we can contact your rental agent or tenants to discuss this information and any concerns.

When will the property inspections happen?

We are proposing to conduct property inspections during October 2019.

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