Pollocksford Road bridge restrictions

Published on 28 March 2024


The Pollocksford Road bridge, Gnarwarre, has had immediate restrictions put in place to ensure it can continue to be used safely. A three tonne load limit and speed restriction of 10km/h are now in place until a permanent solution is agreed and implemented.

Engineers conducted a structural assessment of Pollocksford Road bridge on Monday 18 March and found structural issues identified in a previous inspection had deteriorated more quickly than expected and was impacting the integrity of the bridge deck.

Pollocksford Road bridge is on the boundary of Surf Coast Shire and Golden Plains Shire and the two councils are working closely on options.

“Safety is obviously our top priority so we’ve put these restrictions in place to protect road users while we plan the next steps,” Surf Coast Council General Manager Placemaking and Environment Chris Pike said.

“Local businesses that are known to use this bridge are being contacted and McHarrys are working on alternative arrangements for school buses for term two.”

“We’ll be monitoring compliance with the new limits, with our next step being a full closure if we find that road users don’t comply with this safety-first approach.”

“We have been working with structural engineers to develop permanent solutions but don’t have the time to wait for this process to run its course.”

“We’ll provide updates as new information becomes available.”


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