Lorne P-12 College Road Safety Improvements

Lorne school.jpg

Council is planning stage two of road safety improvement works at the entrance of Lorne P-12 College on Smith Street. The works are aimed at making the main drop off and pick up area safer for everyone.


Planned works

  • Improving the school crossing
  • Creating new parking bays for school buses
  • Creating new pathways linking to the school gate
  • Sealing the gravel parking area opposite the school
  • Improving the condition of the road pavement
  • Installing new signage and line-marking
  • Improving drainage
  • Minor landscaping works


Removal of trees

There are six gum trees which will need to be removed where the new bus bays will be constructed. These trees were assessed by Council’s arborist last year as being defective and have been recommended for removal. Council will now reassess the trees in light of recent storm events, and the updated arborist report will support a planning application seeking approval to remove the trees. The process to obtain a permit to remove trees can take some months. As part of the project, we will be undertaking some minor landscaping works. 


Timing of works

COVID continues to impact many projects as it affects the availability of contractors and the supply of materials, however, we hope that works will start in April 2022 and take around six weeks.

We will keep residents and the school community informed as this project progresses.


Questions? Or want to find out more?

Contact Council on 5261 0600, lodge an online request or email info@surfcoast.vic.gov.au.