Point Roadknight Carpark

  • Project typeDrainage works
point roadknight carpark flooding

There is an ongoing flooding concern in the Point Roadknight beach carpark that is related to a complex issue with Council’s drainage network.

A major drainage pipeline that services the Point Roadknight residential area runs adjacent to the carpark at the end of Melba Parade and Eighth Avenue and under the sand dunes to the ocean. This pipeline was built in the 1960s and consists of two large 1050mm diameter concrete pipes. These pipes are deteriorating and have been subject to significant blockages and repairs in the past. We understand the pipeline is currently blocked underneath the sand dunes and this has caused water to pool in a number of areas around the carpark and toilet block.

Due to the age of the pipe and the topography of the area, there is no straight forward, cost effective way to clean out the pipe or undertake repairs as part of Council's usual routine maintenance activities. The pipeline is also in an area of significant environmental and cultural sensitivity and therefore any works will require appropriate planning to ensure any impacts are kept to a minimum.

We are currently seeking advice from specialist coastal and drainage engineers as to the most appropriate remedial actions to take at this location and will keep you informed on the progress on this issue.

Thank you for your patience whilst we work to address this concern.

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