Point Roadknight Drainage Project

Latest update (23 April 2021)

Plans to remediate the drainage outlet at Point Roadknight have been postponed. The works were tendered to the market, but without success on this occasion.

The proposed works consist of clearing and structurally lining the outlet pipes to fully renew their condition and allow for better maintenance, which would result in less frequent and less severe local flooding events.

Council will continue to work with the land manager (Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority) to plan a revised timeframe for these important works.

We will keep you updated.

What is the issue?

The drainage outfall (pictured) - located just west of Point Roadknight – is in poor condition and suffers from regular blockages at its outlet due to sand deposits associated with tidal a ction. When this occurs in combination with a storm event, local flooding can occur. Due to the poor condition of the pipes, clearing of the blockage is difficult and at times cannot be successfully undertaken.  



What are the proposed works?

Council plans to work with specialist services to completely clear the pipes and line them so that their condition is restored and maintenance activities (such as clearing of blockages) become more achievable. Past studies into this issue have shown that it is not technically feasible to stop tidal actions from intermittently blocking the pipes, however, these works would allow for an improved maintenance regime to ensure that blockages can be cleared more effectively.

How far will this go to addressing the issue?

Intermittent flooding (pictured) will remain a possibility, as with any stormwater system, environmental factors can combine to overcome the capacity of the system periodically. However, these works would increase stormwater capacity at the outlet, resulting in less frequent and less severe flooding events.


What environmental considerations will be taken into account as part of the works?

Council is conscious of the pristine nature of the local area and its value as important habitat, including to the hooded plover. Works would be carried out so that there is no detriment to the natural environment. We would work with specialist contractors experienced in the successful delivery of projects in similar environments. These works will require the approval of DELWP as the land manager prior to being undertaken.  

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If you have questions or comments on the proposed Point Roadknight Drainage Outfall Renewal Project, you can call Council on 5261 0600 or lodge a request.