Jan Juc creek daylighting project

  • Project value$700k
  • Completion Date30 November 2024

Updated 9 May 2024

The Jan Juc creek daylighting project will return the highly disturbed urban waterway of Jan Juc creek to a more natural state. The project includes recreating habitat, biodiversity and amenity values, as well as delivering significant stormwater quality objectives to an older urban catchment that drains to a popular beach. 

In 2022 stage two of the Jan Juc creek daylighting project was identified through the Barwon Integrated Water Management (IWM) Forum and the Barwon Regional Partnership, to receive a grant of $700,000.

Stage two of the project supports greater use of stormwater and improves waterway health in a way that creates economic, social and ecological benefits.

Stage two works include:

  • Removing an old low flow drainage pipe, returning surface flows to the creek.
  • Reforming the creek banks.
  • Replanting indigenous vegetation.
  • Constructing an inland wetland upstream of Duffields Road.

Design works are underway, with construction expected to commence in the second half of 2024.

A planning permit is required to disturb a small segment of native vegetation that has regrown within the existing drainage line, in order to construct the inline wetland. This will be replaced by a significant number of new plantings of indigenous species within the wetland and surrounding area.

Once the schedule of works is complete, details will be published here.


Jan Juc creek is naturally an ephemeral waterway. As the township of Jan Juc developed in the 1960's the alignment of the creek was highly modified as utilities and drainage were moved underground. In the 1970's, the Shire of Barrabool installed a 'low flow' pipe under Jan Juc creek removing flows from the surface in an attempt to 'beautify' the creek area by transforming it into a grassed recreational reserve. Stormwater runoff from the adjacent residential catchment was also conveyed through the underground pipe and eventually out to the ocean. 

In 2012, the 'Friends of Jan Juc Creek Reserve' (FJJCR) community group presented council with the idea of reinstating sections of the creek to a more natural state by removing underground drainage infrastructure and recreating the creek channel (daylighting). In 2013, council began work to develop a concept design for daylighting Jan Juc creek and in 2014 Stage one of the project commenced.


Stage one works - completed

Stage one works focussed on a section of the creek stretching about 230 metres west of Torquay Boulevard to the fork on Jan Juc creek reserve.

Works completed in stage one included:

  • Decommissioning and modifying the existing underground drainage.
  • Returning stormwater flows to the surface of the creek.
  • Building a sedimentation basin.
  • Reshaping creek banks.
  • Extensive replanting of indigenous species to restore natural habitats.

These works were completed in 2014.



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