Bob Pettitt Reserve Bike Park Revamp


A community-led design of a revamped bike park has been produced by young local riders and representatives from the Surf Coast Mountain Bike Club and Anglesea Bike Park Committee.

View the design here(PDF, 13MB)


Works are expected to commence in September when the weather is more suitable.

The existing track will remain open for use until construction commences.

Temporary fencing has been erected to ensure site fill material can be delivered as it becomes available.


What would a revamped bike park mean to local riders?

“It would be nice to hang out with my friends from Jan Juc at a local park doing something we enjoy doing.” (Josh, 12 years old)

“It’s great as it will help girls of all ages to get out on the bike. It will give people the chance to shred, almost like the feeling of shredding down a mountain.” (Belle, 11 years old)

“So kids stop building jumps on council land.” (Ky, 9 years old)

"A bike park at Bob Pettitt would give us more options of places to ride and mean it will be less busy at Spring Creek and less dangerous." (Harry, 12 years old)

  • Young local riders, with the support of representatives from the Surf Coast Mountain Bike Club and Anglesea Bike Park Committee, have created a design of an expanded bike park. The footprint of the new design will not expand to the west (towards the performance stage) but will expand to the south (towards the road) close to the existing barriers, approximately doubling in size to become a greatly improved facility.

  • Rider-built jumps at Bob Pettitt reserve have been an issue over the past few years, primarily due to the existing bike park not meeting the needs of young riders. Council have approved a project and allocated funding to design and build a new layout to provide an interesting, challenging and fun facility that will encourage use and minimise the building of jumps in other areas of the reserve.

  • The project will include the planting of eucalyptus trees between the timber barriers and the bike park to partially screen the bike park from the south. We will also undertake eucalyptus tree plantings and minor landscaping to provide an aesthetically pleasing separation between the bike park and the performance stage and viewing area. Although the project will expand the bike park, we believe that it will provide a much improved and better looking facility than what exists now, and planting and landscaping works will enhance the visual amenity of the area. A pathway will be constructed to connect the skate park and playground to the performance stage area/kinder to the north of the bike park to also improve the access and amenity within the reserve.

  • Further to the project outcomes, the area in the south west corner of the reserve with existing rider-built jumps will be further rehabilitated with grass and plantings. Please see the site layout plan which includes details on these works.