Deans Marsh Streetscape

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The 'Deans Marsh Streetscapers' are a dedicated group of local residents who have been working hard behind the scenes on planning for streetscape improvements. 

Through their research and planning, the Streetscapers have identified a number of projects and opportunities to explore, and they'd love input and support from the wider community. 

There are four key streetscape elements/projects currently being considered. These are:

  • Street Tree Planting
  • History Trail
  • Town entry signage
  • Community arts and memorial

To find out more or get involved in the project, get in touch here

Street Tree Planting

Street tree planting has been identified as a key priority.

So far, the Streetscapers have:

  • worked with a landscape architect to determine where additional street tree planting could be done within the study area
  • identified roadside constraints and limitations, such as clearances from road edges and from underground and overhead services
  • committed to using tree species that are relevant to site specific cultural narratives, local ecosystems and that suit the unique identity of Deans Marsh
  • commenced research into the health and future of the existing deciduous avenue of Ash and Poplar trees along Winchelsea - Deans Marsh Road
  • recognised that a proposed future pathway from the town centre to Bambra Cemetery Road would need to be considered in any future planting 

History Trail

Initial planning for this element has included:

  • Prioritising the inclusion of local First Nations history and stories, to be guided via collaboration with the Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation.
  • Considering promotion of well known post-colonisation historical places of interest within the Deans Marsh township.

Confirmation of sites, sign positioning, sign content and sign design are all still to be confirmed. 

Town Entry Signs

To date the work of the Streetscapers has identified:

  • Preferred locations for town entry signage, based on available space within the road reserve, surface gradient (not too steep), proximity to the town, and site lines for approaching vehicles
  • The need to seek community input on the preferred type and style of signage
  • A desire to work with Traditional Owners to determine appropriate signage 

Community Art and Memorial

Investigations to date have identified:

  • Potential locations for memorial spaces and public art within the township
  • Opportunities for local commemoration and celebration through creative expression and story telling, acknowledging that art and design are key aspects of the community’s identity.
  • Opportunities for dynamic or seasonally changing/exhibited pieces, as an alternative to creating permanent fixtures