Safer Cycling Strategy


A big thanks to the more than 500 people who completed our Safer Cycling survey.  

We'll be reviewing all your input to inform the development of a draft Strategy.

Once a draft is complete, there'll be another opportunity to have your say. 

Project Background

With a growing number of commuter and recreational cyclists in the region, Council is developing a Safer Cycling Strategy and Action Plan.

The strategy will review existing cycling infrastructure on Council’s road network, identify any gaps, and seek input, feedback and suggestions on cycling-related issues and concerns.

Development of this strategy is being funded by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Why a Safer Cycling Strategy?

Council is developing a cycling strategy to support improved safety and connection for commuter and recreational cyclists in the Surf Coast. We want a safe cycling network which is suitable for all ages and abilities, and a strategy which will help to prioritise the most effective infrastructure, education and engagement in the cycling space.

Development of the Surf Coast Safer Cycling Strategy and Action Plan is an action in Council's Road Safety Strategy, and a critical link in Council’s climate emergency response.

A survey is the first step in a process Council is undertaking to develop its Surf Coast Safer Cycling Strategy and Action Plan. Once this initial consultation period has closed (May 9), we will collate and consider all the responses received. 

A summary paper will be published to communicate initial findings from a background review and outcomes from this survey.

The final strategy and action plan is expected to be developed and made available for comment in August.