Speed limit reductions - Grossmans, Coombes and Ghazeepore Roads

Submissions have now closed.


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed speed limit changes. We will now review all responses and provide an update in the coming weeks. 

Council is proposing speed limit reductions on sections of Grossmans Road, Coombes Road and Ghazeepore Road, in line with the Victorian Road Safety Strategy.

The proposed changes aim to enhance safety and amenity, and respond to growing community concerns whilst minimising impact on commercial activity.

 proposed zones.JPG

Proposed Changes

Grossmans Road:

- Anglesea Road to Ghazeepore Road – currently 100kph, reduce to 80kph 
- Ghazeepore Road to Messmate Road - currently 80kph, reduce to 70kph
- Messmate Road to current 60kph zone - currently 80kph, reduce to 60kph

Coombes Road:
- From Ghazeepore Road to Messmate Road, currently 80kph reduce to 70kph

Ghazeepore Road:
- Grossmans Road to Coombes Road – currently 80kph, reduce to 70kph