What's your CATtitude?

Feedback closes Monday 12 September

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As a part of the implementation of the Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) 2022-25, Council is reviewing cat curfews across the shire. 

Current rules require cats in urban areas to be securely confined to the owner's premises, between 8pm to 6am. There are currently no restrictions in rural areas. View the current rules here

Our recent survey asked for your views on whether to keep these current rules, or consider changes.

Thanks to the almost 700 people who filled in the survey. The survey has now closed and all input will be reviewed.  


Some key facts:

-There are currently 924 cats registered as domestic pets across the Surf Coast Shire. ·

- 50% of our registrations for cats are in Torquay ward. ·

- Council receives very low numbers of complaints about cats, 58 in 2021 ·

- Council has just purchased 12 more cat cages that residents can use at no charge. ·

- We acknowledge that free-roaming cats can have a negative impact on native wildlife and neighbouring pets.

Project Background

Our Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP) 2022-25 helps guide how people, dogs and cats in the Surf Coast Shire can live together in safety and harmony.

Community members contributed to the development of the plan in July 2021 via a survey and provided feedback during public exhibition of the draft plan in December 2021.

One of the actions from the plan is for Council to work with the community to consider a cat curfew.