All Abilities Advisory Committee


The All Abilities Advisory Committee (AAAC) advises Council on how to improve access and inclusion for people with disability in the Surf Coast Shire community.

The committee is made up of people from the community, Council staff, and a Councillor. The committee meets up to six times a year.

The committee helps Council reach its access and inclusion goals, including making sure everyone, no matter their abilities, can take part in the community, get the services they need, and be included.

The committee follows a set of rules called the Terms of Reference, and their meetings are led by a community chairperson, following a structured format.

Meetings are held in hybrid format (options for both in-person and online) to improve accessibility for members.

The committee has been running since 2002, and the members are appointed for three year terms. 

Recruitment for the Committee is currently closed, however if you are interested in joining the Committee in our next recruitment round, please lodge a request online, or call (03) 5261 0600 and ask to speak to the Access and Inclusion Officer.