Economic and population profiles


Need a little background information to help you make some important business decisions?

Council's Business and Tourism unit has collated a range of statistics to help businesses in making strategic decisions about expanding or relocating to Surf Coast Shire. 

Read some of the reports below, or for more detailed information on the local economy contact the Economic Development and Tourism unit on 5261 0600 or

Surf Coast Shire Economic, Population and Forecast Statistics

Council has a subscription with REMPlan which provides a public summary of economic, population and population forecast data. This information is easy-to-use, customisable and can be found in the 'About Us' section of this website. 

Our Economic Story

Our-Economic-Story-the-Surf-Coast-Shire-a-prosperous-place.png(PDF, 8MB) Our Economic Story – the Surf Coast Shire: A Prosperous Place(PDF, 8MB) tells the economic story of the Surf Coast. 

This document explores: how places, people and business link together in the Surf Coast Shire to help improve our quality of life.

  • How is the Surf Coast evolving?
  • What are our current skills and competitive advantages?
  • What do we have now and what opportunities do we see

This information provides a platform from which to plan how we can grow our economy for future generations. It informs the Surf Coast Shire Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031.


Surf Coast G21 Regional Profile

The Surf Coast G21 Region Profile provides an analysis of wide-ranging data including land use, economic development, employment, river health, water usage, climate and rainfall, building approvals, urban settlement, community services, crime rates, property values and human health and wellbeing.

The Profile was produced by the G21 - Geelong Regional Alliance in 2019.

For more information:

Surf Coast Data Tables

G21 Region Profile and other G21 Councils