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Lorne kindergarten is a standalone kindergarten located in the picturesque town of Lorne on Smith Street overlooking the surf. It has a large yard with chickens and a creek bed and a dedicated wild space that children use to enjoy nature regularly throughout the week.

We offer an integrated play-based curriculum that enhances the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each child.

Our focus is on engaging children and supporting their active hands-on growth and learning, while nurturing autonomy, self-esteem and success.


Learning activities based on practicality and sustainability is a big focus at our kindergarten. We integrate sustainability into our curriculum by designing creative play activities using recycled materials, having teacher-led science experiments and waste and water-wise activities. 

In previous years the kindergarten has developed its own ecosystem and waterway using the creek bed on our block. By exploring our unique beachside location with rock pool rambles and by caring for our resident chickens and guinea pigs the children can be involved on many levels.


We have also completed transforming our ‘wild space’ and have developed a produce garden.

Under our sustainability program, once one project is complete we plan our next venture. 

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2022 4 year old Kindergarten - $410 per term

Monday 8.45 - 1.45

Tuesday 8.45 - 1.45

Thursday 8.45 - 1.45

2022 3 year old kindergarten - $195 per term


Tuesday 8.45 - 1.45