Animals allowed

Rooster on a potted plant

Residential areas (other than flats and units)

Type Of Animal Maximum Number Permitted
(without permit)
Domestic Dog 2
Cat 2
Poultry 10
Domestic Birds 100
Domestic Mice 10
Domestic Rabbits 10
Domestic Fish No Maximum Limit
Turtles, Tortoise 4
Frogs No Maximum Limit
Pigeons 20
Ferrets 4
Geese 4
Guinea Pig 10


Flats and units

Type of animal Maximum number permitted
(without permit)
(Without Permit)
Domestic dog 1
Cat 1
Domestic bird 4
Domestic mice 4
Domestic rabbits 2
Domestic fish No max
Turtles, tortoise 2
Frogs No max
Ferrets 2
Guinea pig 2