Cat curfew

Cats within the shire, except the rural zone, must be confined to their owners' premises between 8pm and 6am daily. Our cat curfew is in response to community concerns about the negative environmental impact of cats on native animals, and the nuisance value of wandering animals for neighbouring households.

The curfew doesn't apply in areas zoned rural in the planning scheme as it's difficult to confine a cat to a farm, and they are often instrumental in controlling vermin.

Under the curfew the Council can seize cats found at large in any public area or outside their owner's property between 8pm and 6am. Owners have eight days to reclaim their cats.

Under the Domestic Animal Act, cats at large can cost their owners a fee of 1 penalty unit for a first offence and 3 penalty units for further infringements.

Register your cats

All cats should be microchipped and registered and must wear a registration tag. This will help return lost and wandering cats to their owners.

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