Pet registration

orange kitten

Registration is due annually on 10 April.

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Dog registration fees
Cat registration fees

Notes on dog and cat registration:

  • All dogs and cats over three months old that live in Surf Coast Shire MUST be registered.
  • To be registered, State legislation states that all new or transfer registrations must include proof of microchipping.
  • To register a sterilised dog or cat you must present a certificate of sterilisation from a vet, or bring the animal to the council office to be inspected.
  • To be registered as a working dog, you must be able to demonstrate the dog's ability to work stock to an authorised officer. (Dogs kept for security purposes are not considered working dogs for the purposes of registration.)
  • Applicants must be over 18 to apply for an animal registration.
  • Registration is due on 10 April annually, or penalties will apply.
  • If you change address, or if your animal has relocated or died, please notify Council on 03 5261 0600.

Dog registration fees

Unsterilised dog $195.00
Unsterilised dog (pensioner) $97.50
Sterilised dog (reduced fee) $65.00
Sterilised dog (pensioner) $32.50
Dogs kept for working stock $65.00
Dog registered with a Victorian canine association $65.00
Dogs kept for breeding in a registered domestic business $65.00
Dogs older than 10 years old - not sterilised $65.00
Dogs that have undergone obedience training which complies with regulations $65.00

Cat registration fees

Unsterilised cat $195.00
Unsterilised cat (pensioner) $97.50
Sterilised cat (reduced fee) $65.00
Sterilised cat (pensioner) $32.50
Cats registered with a prescribed feline association $65.00
Cats kept for breeding in a registered domestic business $65.00
Cats older than 10 years old - not sterilised $65.00