Grasstree Park Nature Reserve


A spectacular grasstree and wildflower reserve with walking tracks up to 2km and an off lead area for dogs on the cleared centre section just near the car park. No dogs allowed within other areas of the reserve. Wedge tailed eagles often spotted in the area.

Dog Restrictions at Grasstree Park Nature Reserve

There are restrictions on where dogs can go in Grasstree Park Nature Reserve. The reserve has a Victorian Trust for Nature conservation covenant that prohibits all dogs from entering the northern and southern sections where there is intact remnant vegetation. These areas are important wildlife conservation areas and dogs must not enter (penalties apply). Dogs are allowed off leash in the central mown grass part of the reserve. Refer to the following diagram for details on dog regulations.


Grasstree Park Nature Reserve, woody weed removal update

The south eastern section of Grasstree Park Nature Reserve opposite Bunnings is dominated by large Coastal Tea-tree. While native to Australia, this tall shrub doesn’t occur naturally around Torquay but has invaded many districts after early ornamental plantings. The dense Coastal Tea-tree growth blocks out light and reduces available soil moisture, preventing the local grasstrees and heathland from growing. Council is progressively removing the weedy Coastal Tea-tree as part of a plan to re-establish the native heathland. Some of the removal will involve the use of a mulcher (photo below) to knock down and break up the woody trunks. Smaller plants will be removed by hand. Eventually when the standing fuel loads have been reduced, it is hoped that an ecological burn can be undertaken to encourage the return of the heathland species that regenerate naturally after fire.



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