Key towns

Road sign for Anglesea, Lorne and Bells


Torquay is the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and the biggest town within the Surf Coast Shire with over 10,000 residents. It is based next to the beach and is well known as the birthplace of Australian retail brands Rip Curl and Quiksilver. It is an extremely popular tourist destination over the Summer months but a quiet relaxing getaway during Winter.

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Anglesea is the next stop on your trip down the Great Ocean Road from Torquay (approximately 15 minute drive).  Anglesea is known for its dense bushland and picturesque river. Although the township of Anglesea is quite small, it has large, unique beaches and an abundance of native wildlife.

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Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet is a very small Coastal town approximately 10km past Anglesea. It has gorgeous beaches and very quirky cafes and restaurants; perfect for a pit stop on your travels down the Coast.

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Lorne is the next large township in the Surf Coast Shire and has been a popular family holiday destination for decades. Known for its riverside camping and relaxing Coastal vibes, take a 10 minute walk out of the hustle and bustle to find kilometres of dense bushwalks. Erskine Falls is a gorgeous waterfall and must-see activity when travelling to Lorne. Find out the story behind the Great Ocean Road at the Lorne Visitor Information Centre. 

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Winchelsea is a rapidly growing farming town situated approximately 30 minutes inland from Torquay. It is well known for its rich history and leisure activities such as fishing. There are other smaller surrounding farming towns such as Pennyroyal, known for its ‘Pick Your Own’ style berry farms (Gentle Annie’s and Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm)

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