Drainage & Stormwater Construction

Construction and maintenance of household drains within the private property boundaries is the residents’ responsibility.

Council recommends that only licensed plumbers be used for any private drain or plumbing works you may require.

Council is responsible for the legal point of entry (the drain connection at the point where stormwater from your property reaches the gutter). Also, some of the stormwater drains under and along side roads, drainage pits, lids and grates are the responsibility of Council and are programmed for clearance and maintenance throughout the year.

Damaged Pit Surrounds & Lids

Please report damaged or broken drainage pit lids and concrete surrounds to Council for attention. If utilities lids are damaged, Council appreciates your assistance in notifying us. Please identify the lids by their owner name, which should be printed on the top (ie. Telstra, Barwon Water, Origin Energy, etc.).

It would be of assistance to Council if you could report the exact location of the damaged drainage pit.

Legal Point of Discharge

A Legal Point of Discharge is the point, which is specified by Council as the drain entry into Council assets. These assets may include a Council drain, kerb and channel (with kerb adaptor), easement or an open drain.

A request for a Legal Point of Discharge may be made over the counter or in writing using the Legal Point of Discharge Request(PDF, 238KB) form. It is necessary to know what the proposed development is so that an appropriate legal point of discharge can be determined.

Council will advise the Legal Point of Discharge in writing.

Stormwater Details (Depth, Size & Offset)

A request for the depth, size and offset of a Council stormwater drain may be made verbally or in writing. Plans showing details of storm water drains will be provided by Council.

Water Quality

Surf Coast Shire has developed a Stormwater Management Plan(PDF, 604KB) to protect and enhance the Surf Coast's receiving water environments by improving the quality and management of stormwater draining from the urban areas in the Surf Coast Shire.

To achieve this purpose, the plan:

  • identifies the priority issues for management of stormwater quality in Surf Coast Shire;
  • presents strategies for reducing the main threats to stormwater quality, and;
  • presents strategies for integrating best practice environmental management of stormwater into Council's management and planning activities.

Improvements in urban stormwater quality will have beneficial effects on the Surf Coast Shire's significant receiving water environments, in particular: Bass Strait; Anglesea, Barwon, Erskine and St George Rivers; Jan Juc, Spring, Deep, Thompson, Stoney, Painkalac and Moggs Creeks, and Noble Reserve Wetland.