Planning scheme amendment process

This information is for people who want to have land rezoned or would like part of the planning scheme amended for a particular purpose.

More information about the planning scheme amendment process is available via the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Surf Coast Planning Scheme Amendment Guide for Applicants(PDF, 107KB)


The following fees apply to planning scheme amendments:




a) Considering a request to amend a planning scheme; and
b) Exhibition and notice of the amendment; and
c) Considering any submissions which do not seek a change to the amendment; and
d) If applicable, abandoning the amendment.



a) Considering submissions which seek a change to an amendment, and where necessary, referring the submissions to a panel:


i) Up to 10 submissions


ii) 11 to 20 submissions


iii) More than 20 submissions


b) Providing assistance to a panel; and
c) Making a submission to the panel; and
d) Considering the panel’s report; and
e) After considering submissions and the report, if applicable, abandoning the amendment



a) Adopting the amendment or a part of an amendment; and
b) Submitting the amendment for approval by the Minister; and
c) Giving notice of approval of the amendment.



a) Consideration by the Minister of a request to approve an amendment; and
b) Giving notice of approval of an amendment.


The fees for stages 1, 2 and 3 are paid to the planning authority by the person who requested the amendment.

The fee for stage 4 is paid to the Minister by the person who requested the amendment.

Combined Planning Permit Application and Planning Scheme Amendment

For a combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment the fee is the sum of the highest of the fees which would have applied if separate applications were made and 50% of each of the other fees which would have applied if separate applications were made.

Reference should be made to the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016 and the Subdivision (Fees) Regulations 2016 to obtain the complete wording of individual fee regulations and other regulations (which include waiving and rebating provisions).