Kerbside Collection Calendars

ALL collection days will be one day later than usual the entire week of Christmas.
Check out your 12 month PDF calendar either below or under the Links tab on SCRRApp to see that change, plus the dates of your extra landfill and recycling collection.

10 tips to get it right on bin night:

  1. Sort it out

You'll send less to landfill by remembering your:

  • green-lidded bin is for ALL food and organic waste
  • purple-lidded bin is for ALL glass bottles and jars
  • yellow-lidded bin is for paper, cardboard, plastics labelled 1, 2 & 5, aluminium and steel cans.

2. Do not overfill bins

Overfull bins attract wildlife, such as cockatoos that scavenge and create litter. Residents are responsible for picking up litter that spills from overfull bins where lids are not completely closed.

3. Put bins out on the right day

Bins must not be on the kerbside more than 24 hours before the scheduled collection day, or more than 48 hours after collection. Under Council's Community Amenity Local Law, penalties will apply.

Learn more about the rules for kerbside bins and waste

4. Leave space between your bins

All bins should be at least a shoulder-width apart. Bins that are too close together risk being knocked over during collection, spilling their contents onto the street.

5. Do not feed wildlife

Leaving out birdseed mix attracts wild birds, like cockatoos to our neighbourhoods. Quickly filling their bellies, cockatoos can then get up to mischief by opening kerbside bins and chewing on window sills, balustrades and wiring.

Read more about cockatoos

6. Keep these items out of your bins

Never put batteries, e-waste, liquids, hot ashes or chemicals in any kerbside bins.

Check out the recycling and disposal options for these items

7. Bags of household waste sitting next to bins will not be picked up

If it doesn’t fit in the bin, wait until the next collection or take it to your closest transfer station. Find your local transfer station

8. Council will repair or replace lost, damaged or stolen bins free of charge. Submit your request online or call Council offices on 5261 0600.

9. Store your bins out of direct sunlight to help minimise smell in warmer weather. Find other tips for managing bins

10. Free recycling options

Drop off these items free of charge at Council's transfer stations:

  • Batteries* (automotive, marine, power tools, AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt & button)
  • E-waste* (anything with a cord, plug or battery)
  • Scrap metal* e.g. barbecues, metal furniture, lawnmowers, bikes
  • Televisions*
  • Whitegoods* e.g. fridges, washing machines, dryers etc.

        * Limits apply

Householders can also drop off up to 0.5m3 of sorted recycling and glass free of charge at Council's transfer stations.