Container Deposit Scheme Victoria

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The Victorian Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) starts on 1 November 2023.

This new recycling program will increase the recycling of drink cans, bottles and cartons and reduce Victoria’s litter by up to half.

What containers will be eligible in Victoria?

The goal is to reduce the amount of litter in our environment, so eligible containers are those that are commonly consumed away from home.

This may include beverage containers larger than 150ml and smaller than 3-litres that are made from:

  • aluminium
  • glass
  • plastic
  • steel
  • liquid paperboard


What containers will NOT be eligible for a 10c refund?

While these containers are not accepted, some of them can still be recycled through your kerbside bins:

  • plastic milk bottles (put these in your yellow-lidded recycling bin)
  • wine and spirit bottles (put these in your purple-lidded glass-only bin)
  • fruit juice cartons (these go in your landfill bin)
  • cordial bottles (these go in your landfill bin)


How do I prepare containers for return?

Containers must be empty.
You don't have to rinse each container, but it must be empty and the outside clean enough that the barcode can be scanned by the vending machine.

Keep the label on and don't crush the container.
Scanners inside the vending machines will identify the shape, label and barcode of each container to ensure it is eligible for a refund. Broken bottles, crushed cans and bottles without labels will not be eligible for a refund.

Check what containers are accepted

Where can I return my drink containers?

The location of all refund collection points in Surf Coast Shire will be announced by TOMRA Cleanaway closer to the start of the scheme.

How can I claim my refund?

When you return your containers, you will make a choice on screen about how you want to receive your refund from three available options:

  1. Cash voucher 
    The voucher can be used at some shops, such as supermarkets.
  2. Digital payout 
    To receive your refund digitally you will download an app and create an account. 
  3. Charity donation 
    Donate your refund to a local sporting club, community group, environmental group, or a globally-recognised brand.

Can I start collecting containers now?

No - eligible containers cannot be collected for redemption until the scheme starts in November.

The CDS relies on the scheme costs being included in the price of the container at the time of purchase. This won't occur until the scheme has officially started in November. Until then, please put your cans and plastic bottles in your kerbside recycling bin, and your bottles in your kerbside glass-only bin.

Who manages the Vic CDS scheme?

Council is not involved in setting up or managing the container deposit scheme.

All enquiries should be directed to TOMRA Cleanaway.

This is the network operator in our region that is responsible for setting up and managing the refund collection points in Surf Coast Shire and making sure customers receive their 10c refund.

VicReturn is the scheme coordinator that will manage the finance and administration aspects of the state-wide program.

Can my club host a collection point?

Community groups, sporting clubs, not-for-profit organisations or businesses that would like to host a collection point can register their interest by contacting TOMRA Cleanaway

How does my club receive donations?

Community groups, sporting clubs, not-for-profit organisations or businesses that would like to receive donations can register their interest a donation partner by contacting TOMRA Cleanaway.