Torquay residential waste and recycling drop-off

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Change to operating hours

Effective from 1 August 2023 the waste and recycling drop off in Torquay will be open as follows:

  • 8am – noon on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
  • 8am – noon on Public Holidays (except Christmas Day)

The site will be supervised during open hours.

CLOSED: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Christmas Day.

Why are the opening hours changing?

The operating hours were set at 9am-4pm daily (except Christmas Day) as a part of a trial started in March 2022.

We also placed a supervisor on site during operating hours.

We did this to:

  • prevent illegal dumping
  • reduce contamination in the recycling and glass streams
  • maximise recycling and recovery rates.

The new operating hours (starting from 1 August) were determined after evaluating the usage of the site during the trial period.

What’s accepted at Torquay waste drop-off?

Householders can drop off SMALL amounts of excess recycling and waste for free, including:

  • Batteries – AAA, AA, C, D, button, and 9volt only
  • Recyclables - paper, plastic bottles, tin and aluminium cans, plastic containers labelled 1, 2 & 5. Keep them loose – not in bags – or they won’t get recycled.
  • Glass bottles and jars – no lids, no plastic bags, no cardboard boxes
  • Large cardboard packaging (eg from a new fridge, furniture etc)
  • Bagged general waste (1-2 kitchen-sized bags only)
  • Food waste - in compostable bags only

NO green waste like branches, prunings or lawn clippings.
NO commercial waste; Businesses must take all waste & recycling to Anglesea Transfer Station.

Where can I take everything else?

Residents can drop off some items free of charge at Council’s transfer stations (domestic quantities only).

Get a list of all items accepted and disposal costs

Council’s transfer stations DO NOT accept the following items, but there are FREE drop-off options in our region:

  • Paint
    Drop off at Paintback sites in Geelong and Drysdale
  • Household chemicals, poisons, fire extinguishers
    Drop off at Detox your Home events in the region 

Find out where to recycle other items